Monday, June 09, 2008


so since i have been trying to be all healthy, cooking had become boring and repetitive. no fun recipes to document, no fun doughs to make, no fun butter. no fun.

i was in a rut - make turkey burger - grill turkey burger. wrap corn cob - grill corn cob, unpack sausages, grill sausages, rinse. repeat.

but then i stumbled upon this in an email. let the chorus sing out! even if some of the recipes were trashed upon tasting, it feels good to branch out and try new things. so far, i have made the leeks and mushroom dish, the tomato sauce with vermouth (brilliant!) and the new orleans shrimp dish, which was a dud. i have all the ingredients for the cold asian noodle dish, which will be perfect if the weather continues to creep into the mid 90's. i am going for three of five for this current week.

take a look - even if it is just for inspiration. and if you REALLY don't want to think about dinners for the week, they give you a grocery list for all five meals (including wine and dessert).

if you try it, let me know how it goes!


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