Sunday, May 17, 2009

crown prince

Indian women have their own culture. We will find any excuse to get together, talk, eat, and make each other feel like royalty. I experienced this first-hand (as opposed to seeing it in the movies) at my mendhi ceremony before I got married. I love the idea behind the mendhi ceremony: dozens of ladies gather the night before the wedding to sing and dance, and since we are all waiting for the mendhi to dry, we aren't allowed to do any work. There is a method in our madness:) 

Moms-to-be get a similar treatment. The menu is comprised if all my favorite dishes; I am not allowed to do anything that day (except sit around and talk about how happy I am); all my aunties sing songs to me about my new baby; and one by one, they bless me and the kid and feed me my favorite desserts (to make sure the baby comes out all plump and sweet). Oh - and I get to eat off of silver plate and wear crazy jewelry! It's enough to let all the attention go to a girl's head. 

Then, my kicked and bruised ribs start hurting and I remember that this isn't all about me any more....

Getting anointed! 
All jeweled up!

Couldn't do it without my sister and mom. 
My special plate! I ate more than this, don't worry - this is sans rice and puris.
A table full of my favorite dishes. This picture would make me sad, but my fridge is full of leftovers. Yes. 

All the pics can be seen here


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