Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ravens and writing desks

Too bad the Hatter never asked Alice how a crib is like a wedding dress. I would have had quite the answer for him last night.

A few weeks ago, Josh and I picked out a crib set we really liked. We looked in stores and online and there was one that really fit our needs and tastes and the room and it was great. It was on the pricey side, but my generous in-laws were gifting us some money towards the baby furniture, so we decided to go for it. Plus, we could use it again, and our siblings could probably use the set if they wanted it. As many of you know, I don't mind spending more if I am getting more. Huzzah! Furniture was now officially off the list!

Although we had picked it out a few weeks ago, we both still wanted to wait a bit before we ordered it. My fear of the unthinkable and a fully furnished baby room was too much for me. I get anxious just typing it out. When I called, however, the gentleman told me the delivery time was 10-12 weeks! Ten to twelve! Apparently, they don't keep this line in stock. That's fine and understandable. They must be in a warehouse somewhere, no? No.

Apparently, after you place the order, they cut down the tree for the crib and an 85 year-old Belgian man whittles the furniture from the single trunk. It is then placed on a steam boat that goes from Europe to America via China and is then carried on the backs of donkeys across the American dessert en route to Boston. Gah. Because of the slow boat to China business, they can't guarantee delivery even after 12 weeks. I was reading reviews online and some poor women had to wait four MONTHS.

Nesting or no nesting, those of you who know me know that not having everything in place with at least a month buffer time is completely unacceptable. The idea of an empty baby room with clothes in piles in laundry baskets makes me shudder. Sure the kid can sleep in the Pack N' Play, and i KNOW people have done more with less (like my own parents), but that's just not how I roll, so to speak. I called them right back and canceled the order. "Well, you ARE cutting it close, my dear," he said to me. How is 2.5 months "cutting it close"!

So after I canceled my order, I went online to see what's what. "This is a blessing in disguise," I said to myself. "Maybe high end furniture is not for us, and we can get something ore moderately priced that is in stock somewhere." Hah. Styles that I liked were in stock at Babies R'Us, just not in the color we wanted. Colors were in stock at amazon.com, just not in the styles we wanted. No online vendor had a complete set of anything that looked remotely attractive. My already weakened emotional state was not helping the situation.

When I got home, Josh and I spend at least an hour looking at different websites, different stores, and different styles. The ones we like were either (1) way crazy expensive, (2) awesome and kind of in our price range but whittled by nuns or something and would have to be special ordered, or (3) out of stock until September.

Finally, we found a store with a set we liked in a color we could live with that could be shipped in early June. A miracle. After much discussion and some hyperventilating on my part, we did buy the crib and changing table last night. Three guesses as to where...

So ladies and gentlemen, heed my words. As soon as you slingshot that condom out the window, order your crib. It may even beat you home from the hospital.


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