Friday, June 26, 2009

Charles in Charge

Our book club MO for the last several meetings has been very simple. Come home, order pizza/Chinese, talk about book, gossip, go home. Last night, however, our book club was in for a treat. Courtney's husband Charles made the following:
1 - Cauliflower with tandoori spices
2 - Eggplant brusectta
3 - Cheesy garlic bread
5 - Turkey meatballs

The whole meal was amazing and blew our nights of take-out out of the water. I got home and described the meal to Josh and told him to step it up in the husband department. Charles was WAY ahead....

The pasta was wonderful, with the right amount of bite. Even though they were made with turkey, the baked meatballs were moist and flavorful. Courtney and Charles did a wonderful job.

Can't go wrong with cheese and bread:)
Not a very good picture (at all), but I didn't really spend that much time trying to find the right angle... I wanted to eat.


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