Saturday, July 11, 2009

Giving in, just this once....

Early last week - or was it the week before last?- I was watching a DVRed Gilmore Girls and Rory was eating cake. Not just cake, a multi-layered chocolate-frosted Dutch baby that looked too good to be true. I wanted it.

Now, I haven't been having any crazy cravings. No pickles, no tubs of ice cream, none of that. I found that I am simply wanting the things I usually want (cheesecake, cupcakes, etc), but now I am allowing myself to eat them. Non-preggo me would want to pick up a blueberry cheese cake at Finale on the way home but would let common sense take over, because that is ludicrous. Preggo me is like, why not? I know I won't be able to let myself have cupcakes and all that after the baby is born, so I am just giving in when my sweet tooth hits.

It does not hit often; my diet is basically Honey Nut Cheerios, fruit, granola bars, Greek yogurt, glasses of OJ, fat-free blueberry smoothies, grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes, and mac and cheese with veggies mixed in. When it does hit, it is usually because I see someone on TV eating something (I am a advertiser's dream...). Rory's chocolate cake was one of those times.

Now, I hadn't sent Josh out to get me anything, ever. Even if I did see something that I wanted, I knew I would get over it as soon as the commercial was over or if I just got up and had some watermelon or something. This time, however, I wanted chocolate cake and didn't feel too bad about asking Josh to run to the grocery store down the street for one. It was the first (and only) time, and it wasn't like he was doing anything anyway:) So he did. And we ate it. And it was good.

Dinner that night was what I like to call "Birthday party a la four-year-old". Pizza, soda, and chocolate cake. I gained a pound that week.... Totally worth it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the baby comes out chunky, I'm blaming you. I'm not going to be fairy god-father to some fat child. :(

10:46 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

Hey! One chocolate cake does not a fatty make!

Don't worry, you'll have the cutest fairly godson of them all. I mean, look who his mother is:)

6:22 PM  

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