Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the wall

I hit it. The wall. It looks like my wall went up at 37 weeks. I am constantly tired, sore, and ready for this baby to come out. Sleep is still elusive, but better. Four or 5 hours a night seem to be doing the trick for my brain, but my body needs more.

I got a massage this morning (blissful, wonderful massage of wonderfulness and sunshine and happiness) but my back muscles are stretched to the point that it hurts when they are rubbed. My legs and knees are screaming under the added weight (17 pounds total, probably 25 after the first trimester's weight loss ... blerg). My neck is bent at unnatural angles from all the side sleeping. My bras led a rebellion this week and new bras are en route. Ugly bras on which I really, really didn't want to spend the money.

Then I feel a little kick kick kick and that wall gets a teeny bit shorter. Every little wiggle makes the aches and pain bearable. And the thought of meeting him makes all those little inconveniences almost forgettable. July 21st can't come fast enough. Three more weeks!


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