Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sir, your room is ready

After many months of cleaning out and painting and ordering furniture and replacing damaged furniture and putting things together and picking out rugs, the nursery is complete!

Josh spent a whole weekend painting the walls yellow and this double green stripe around the room. He really did a great job, and the colors (his choice) also brightened up the room without standing out like a sore thumb in our 1920's house.
Putting together the crib on a sunny day. I love how the light hits this room in the mornings.

Crib and glider!
Taking a closer look at the damaged dresser. They swapped them out this morning, so we are all set.

Happy about the baby's room!
The view from the closet.
Soon after I was born, my dad's intern painted this for me, and I have been carrying it around every since. My mom told me yesterday that it was this intern that took her into Manhattan for the first time and showed her all the fancy stores and upscale restaurants. I love that this painting will be a constant connection to my dad and my mom's memories of the early 1980's.
This was the set that we chose at Babies R Us and decided to build room around it. This canvas painting was part of a set that included the sheets, crib liner, comforter, a valance (that is too small for the windows and is now draped on the glider), a "diaper holder", a crib skirt, and mobile. We really like the jungle/animal theme - hope our little Mowgli does too:)
The view from the windows. I am still not sure how these bookshelves will be used. I wish I knew what my system will be - guess we will just have to wait until we figure out what routine and set up works best. That glass door leads right into our bedroom, which will be a blessing... and a curse....
View from the chair.
View from the crib.
Other view from the crib.

Josh putting the Diaper Genie together this morning.
View from the door.


Blogger tarah said...

I can't tell you how much I love this room. Sunny and welcoming, without being too cutesy or fluffy. Let's call it baby chic.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

that's quite a compliment coming from a decorator! thanks!

1:04 PM  

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