Tuesday, February 16, 2010


In the beginning, there were diapers. And vomit (they try to fool you by calling it "spit up" but it's just vomit). And naps. And repeat. While Rohan did smile and meet your eye and follow you around the room, he was still kind of a lump. An adorable lump of a baby that needed to be tended to. Sure, he got lots of kisses and we talked to him, but he never did anything BACK. Calling our relationship one-sided doesn't even begin to describe it.

Now, however, we are buddies. He talks about his day, kisses back, points to what he wants, rolls to what he wants, and grunts with the best of them. He has opinions on things, like mangos (like) and cauliflower (hate). He loves watching snow fall and cars drive by. He can't get enough of the swings and the playground slide. He laughs hysterically at anything, especially tickle fights and peek-a-boo. He is mystified by snapping fingers and clucking tongues. He looks at me intently when I show him sign language and sound out "Mama".

He is perfecting his body language. He kicks his feet when he is happy, stretches when he wants to be put down, slaps his hands when he wants more of something, and raises his eyebrows when he encounters something that piques his interest. No matter what what he is doing, if you open a book, he turns his head and is all ears. I love his huge grin whenever I open "Goodnight, Gorilla".

While he still needs to be fed and changed and bathed and put down for naps, I don't feel like I am "taking care of him" anymore. We just kind of hang out; read books, watch TV, do chores in the kitchen, run errands. Sure there are times (like Sunday afternoon) when all Josh and I want to do is pass out and that is the opposite of what Rolo wants to do. But haven't we all experienced the "I want to leave this bar and get a cab NOW but the person I am with is on a mission and there is no way I can let her go home alone so I just need to readjust my heels, splash some cold water on my face and join her for a shot at the bar" phenomenon? You push through the fatigue and pain, make the best of it, and then they owe you:)

And yes, I just compared my 7-month-old to a drunk girlfriend.


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