Thursday, October 20, 2005

not much to report

as the title implies, wednesday was pretty tame. checked out and wrapped things up at the convention, headed to the airport. they overbooked my flight and were looking for people to take the red eye in from LV, and if i had a tad more energy i would have taken the $400 voucher and stayed, but i just couldn't. so i didn't. the flight was uneventful - read the whole way and then met the driver for the long ride back from JFK. got in bed and was about to go to sleep but then kept thinking about the book (i had like 30 pages left), so i got up and read that, putting my bed time at 2am. VERY late for this old lady.

the super got me up an hour after my alarm woke me up. i was not pleased, but if he didnt, i would have stayed in bed all day. i still want to go back.

two more days til ann arbor!

10/19: latte, half and apple, soup, salad, breadsticks (oh yeah, the olive garden), pizza from airport CPK / no exercise, yet again.


Blogger si gracieuse said...

i think deepa wins the prize for best new blogger for this week... what do we all think?

yay you're back! boo you're leaving! yay i'll see you TWICE next week - WAHOO!

10:12 AM  
Anonymous deepa said...

haha, it is an honor just to be nominated:)


1:42 PM  

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