Monday, November 07, 2005

Relaxing/hectic weekend

yay to being home for a weekend for the first time in forever! it felt good to wake up in my own bed. and even though i got NONE of the nitty gritty things done - i did a lot of new york socializing, which was LONG overdue.

friday night went out with a friend from work and her friends, which was a lot of fun. a good group of people. we prepartied at someone's house and i learned that as you walk farther away from the path station, the apartments get bigger and bigger. the one these two boys lived in was so so nice - sky lights, two free parking spaces, huge bathroom, etc. it makes me think that living in the area won't be so bad, if it comes to that.

saturday i got up and saw STEVE! it had been way too long and it was good to catch up. he gave me gossip, i gave him gossip, we walked around and dragged each other into stores. it was just good to catch up. after leaving steve i met up with my work wife for a sample sale in soho and then some shopping. bought a few things and realized it had been a while since i got new clothes, especially non work clothes. it was also like 75 degrees out, so the city was warm and full of people showing off their summer clothes one last time. after an amazing dinner, i headed back home for some old fashioned LAO time.

plan in head for sunday:
7am: gym
830am: laundry
10am: leave to meet B
3pm: book club
7pm: home to clean apt

actual sunday:
6:30am: alarm goes off and then is silenced
8:45: wake up and turn on back to the future II
9:40: leave to meet B
3:book club
8: get home and watch TV for two hours

11/4: egg white omelette with veggies, turkey burger, coke, pot pie, corn, mashed potatoes, vodka tonic, half a beer / one hour of cardio

11/5: bagel with avocado and swiss, latte, cookie, rissotto with mushrooms, two bowls of pasta / no gym but walked around the city for 5 hours

11/6: quiche, salad, potatoes, 1.5 glasses of mimosa, coffee, finger foods at book club (cheese and crackers, fruit, crudite, etc) slice of pizza and salad / no gym

ok, i just reread this post. i am sorry it sucks so much. i will do better next time.


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Anonymous Sara said...

i actually found it quite amusing.....

like you FACE! oh, oh, SA-NAP.

hehe i love you deepa, you can't stay in NY if your heart is in boston (oh cheese i know, but true it is).

5:14 PM  

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