Wednesday, November 02, 2005

back in the saddle

after a nice four day weekend, back to work, back to work. although my vacation really didn't feel like one (i guess it technically wasn't), i still did not want to sit down and check all the emails and deal with all the phone calls and whiny authors. and it looks like we will have to do a office shower, which i am not upset about, but since a lot of uppity ups have been asking about it, it means that we cannot do it offsite and it will be the conference room/cake/awkward moments type party. but it is nice that a lot of people have been wondering if anything is going to be done and it makes me feel better about the people here.

yesterday was long, woke up at 5:30 to catch the 7am train and then came straight to work. it wasn't a particularly unique day. still had all my luggage, so instead of grocery shopping on the way home (i have cheese and rolls and eggs in my fridge) i just ordered chinese food. talked to my mom for a bit and then talked to josh for a longer bit about job stuff and where we should live. my heart really wants to move back to boston for one of the jobs. it would be a great oppurtinity for me, and most of the jobs josh is looking for are in boston. but my head knows it is wiser to stay here until he finds something, just in case we have to move twice. i also feel that moving here and living in my tiny apt while josh sits around all day with no friends and looks for a job will just be depressing. at least in boston we both know people and our families are there. it just wouldn't be his waiting for me to come home from work, which i am afraid will happen.

oh well - i guess we will know more in a month or so. i want to give work and my landlord a date by the time we get back from rome, in case we do decide to move.

11/1: two rolls of sushi, miso soup, coke, general's chicken, brown rice, some egg drop soup / no gym


Anonymous said...

If both of you want Boston, move to Boston. I'm not just saying that because I want you back here (though I obviously do), but it seems like the only thing keeping you in Yankee territory is your job, and you have solid offers here. You will have to do the trauma of the move at some point anyway unless you plan on living in your studio forever. Jay and I have agreed that post-army we are relocating to DC even if NEITHER of us has a job yet. So, in summary, the point of this comment would basically suggest that it would be wise to sum up with the general feeling of YAY BOSTON! (Even without Theo)

2:54 PM  
Anonymous deepa said...

i am with you. i think we are just worried that we will move and josh will find a good job in chicago (or ny) and then he will either give it up or i will have to leave a new job.

stupid being a grownup.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous d said...

and :( about theo. i was upset. any news on the new person?

4:09 PM  

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