Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sleepy do?

Another rainy day, another day late to work. I have to stop abusing the fact that Ryan in on his honeymoon. 9:45 is not acceptable...

Last night I discovered one more fabulous thing about my already fabulous self - mashed potatoes! I bought some potatoes ages ago at a farmer's market, and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but three or four weeks later and they were still sitting in the fridge. So I looked up some recipes and voila! fantastic mashes potatoes last night! If you are nice to me, I will make them for you. I also tried this chicken breast stuffed with a shallot/mushroom stuffing which also came out very well. yay me.

10/23: Thai vegetables in red curry with white rice, mashed potatoes, chicken with shallot and mushroom stuffing, two apples, hot chocolate / no gym due to cold (which is now gone! Hurrah!)

ok - just checked the registry - WE GOT THE WAFFLE MAKER! WOO HOO!! ok i am done. won't happen again, promise:)


Blogger H said...

someone please gag me with an expensive waffle maker

4:27 PM  

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