Sunday, October 30, 2005

sunday bloody sunday

today was just one of those days...

got up and out of the house early to meet with both priests, josh and his mom and me and my parents, which was interesting. the guy who is doing the christian ceremony is quite a character.. made several comments about brides that i did NOT appriciate... but i didnt HATE him and he didnt stare at my boobs the whole time, so no need to make a fuss. let's just say the ceremony will be..umm.. interesting.

after that the five of us (me, mom, dad, josh, josh's mom) went to a coffee shop to discuss wedding details some more, and there was much joshing around (har har har) and i think his mom is wondering what she got herself into. if anyone has spent ANY time with my father, you will know what i am taking about.

then a quick pit stop at home and off to look at condos my parents are thinking about, which lasted forEVER, and then we went to thier friend's house. now they just redid their house, so after we heard ALL the details, and everyone showed up and we had to hear the house story again, AND my father's bi-sox-ual joke (due to my schilling shirt) like four times, and THEN everyone else showed up, THEN my parents hand gave them the wedding invites (due to indian tradition) i was almost in tears with boredom/ fake smiling at grown ups/ listening to the pros and cons of condo life like a million times. as soon as my mom and i left, i lost it. luckily it was short lived and a trip to barnes and noble for thank you cards quickly sobered me up.

it was just one of those days - woke up with a cold and now ending the day with a splitting headache. i am what marastians call "nazuhk" - delicate, but not in a good way. this also happened after the engagement party - maybe being "on" for too long gets to me the next day. i will have to remember some tylenol for the wedding. a lot of tylenol.

10/30: two hard boiled eggs, a bowl of indian sprout dish that i LOVE, half cup of coffee, most of a muffin, spagetti and sauce / no gym


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