Saturday, October 29, 2005

weekend update

with being out of the office friday and having a hectic saturday, it has been a while since i have blogged.

lets, see.. umm, thursday was pretty boring. work was work and then left early to go to becca's awards thing with aysha, which was fun. heard some speeches, ate some free food and drank some wine and got a wee bit tipsy.... and maybe had some verbal diherrea... but it was fun - i hadn't had a drink in ages, so the wine hit me pretty hard. solution #1, stop drinking - solution #2, drink more to build tolerance. hmm?

friday was a day of traveling. took the 11am train. work called with an emergency, so i was on the phone with the office, being an important person on the phone in the train, like all those important people who talk on the phone in the train. hehe.

saturday was gym, and then off to the wedding shower! i am so so glad that allie, sara and sarika came; it would have been torture wihthout them. and they three of them were great with helping with whole the present ordeal (although allie DID get stuck with all the grunt work, which was noted by many of the guests:)) it went well over all, lots of small talk and meeting new people whose names i have already forgetten and eating finger foods. josh's mom did a fantastic job with the whole thing, very tasteful. she put baby pictures of the both of us up and everyone was telling us how cute we were (which is always nice). after cleaning up, we piled all the presents into two cars and headed home in the SNOW. i am sad i missed the halloween party, but i am so beat that is it almost better - i would not have had been much fun. now my mom and i are watching monsters inc and cooling down.

had a flip out about my weight this morning with the new outfit i bought for the shower, but then felt MUCH better when i tried on the wedding outfit and it fit a LOT better than it did 6 weeks ago. now sarika AND allie have seen it! oh well.

10/27: PB and J, soup, 4 pieces of shimp, 4 pieces of sushi, 2 potato caviar things, like 10 pieces of cheese and some crackers and a spoonful of brie, 2 glasses white wine / 2 mile run

10/28: OJ and muffin, four paratas,6 rice cakes and indian soup / no excercise

10/29: two boiled eggs, 4 pieces of cheese, two crackers, some eggplant parm pasta salad and regular salad, one lemon puff thing and three spoonsfuls of trifle (BAD), wheat pasta with peppers and mushrooms / 30 minutes of cardio, abs


Blogger si gracieuse said...

hey dearie!

just a quick note... i would advise against using your full name anywhere in your blog, because eventually people (including future employers) will be able to find out an awful lot about you that you might not want them to know just by googling your name...

wish i could have come to the showa - glad you had a fab weekend! now COME BACK TO ME! *sniff*


ps - how in the world did you manage to remember every single thing you ate at that awards event? all i remember is the delicious martini... ;o)

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Allie said...

Mmmmm the trifle was absolutely delicious, I've been telling anyone who will listen about it's amazingness. Sex-in-a-bowl indeed!

5:09 PM  
Anonymous deepa said...

allie - i just talked to josh and apperntly his grandmother got in trouble with the family for making a comment about your well endowed bosom - even little old ladies thing you are hot!

and thank you so so much for all the work you did (again). i hope i get to return the favor:)

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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