Monday, January 30, 2006


so married life is great - we cook, we hang out, we stay in bed on sundays (yesterday I got bacon and eggs in bed!) i get to see him everyday - it is really better than i imagined. and although we have our little fights, the wronged parties are given what they are owed and all is right again. i like spoiling him and he does the same for me. we are well into our honeymoon phase, i hope it never ends...

and the house is also coming along very well - his dad came yesterday and took away 98% of the boxes on the porch, so now we can see out porch floor! yay! i took out the ones my parents can use for thier move and as soon as those get picked up, we will get a nice bench for the shoe putting on and taking off. more yay! now we basically have to hang up all the pictures we have and we are "done"!

speaking of - we got the proofs back and have to start picking what we want for the big book of pictures. the guy put together a nice suggestion, so i will take some from him and some of the other ones that we really liked. he took one of us dancing, but not us, our relfection on the big window - a very cool picture. there are some great group dancing ones too. if you want to look at them online, let me know and i will send you the link.

work is also going well. my project is on hold, since we are waiting for info from an important person, so i have no work to do today. i think i am going to put together a powerpoint slide for the next meeting and suck up some more to my bosses... :)

health wise, things are not so hot. last night i was a little woozy before we went to bed, and i was light headed this morning, but i had a lot of wine last night and thought it was that plus the steamy shower that was doing it, and i felt fine when i walked out the door. but as soon as i got on the bus, i started sweating and before i knew it, i was in a seat with my head between my legs and people were asking me if i was pregnant. so i got off the bus, before i passed out and casued a scene. got on the next bus, same thing happened, and then got on the next bus and made it to the T line, just to repeat on the train. by the time i got to work, i was a mess. i got an OJ between the bus and the train and another one at work to help my blood sugar level and things are better now. it was just scary being all alone - espeicailly when i was on the road and i really had no one i could call who could help me. i thought about calling 911, but then decided that waiting all day in the ER just to hear, your blood pressure dropped, eat a cookie, wasnt something i wanted to do. so we are calling the dr tomorrow and making an appointment to check it out. this happens a lot on planes and if i work out 5 or 6 hours after a meal, but not like this - this was strong and scary since i didn't have an flight attendant or trainer to get me what i needed right away. gah. stupid weak body.

other than that, things are going swimmingly. we are making plans with his grandparents for lunch or dinner soon, since they gave us the downpayment on a house and a simply thank you card will not cut it here. i finished all cards this weekend!!! and now the boy has to do his, which won't happen today bc of Jack Bauer, but hopefully you all will be getting them soonish.

ok, time for power points! woo hoo!


Anonymous Sara said...

powerpoints are where it's AT man. i love all the fun designs you can have in the background, it really makes me happy.

maybe you should start carrying around a granola bar or hard candy in case you get low blood sugar again. and doctor sounds like a good plan as well!

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Allie said...

Wow, I am so coveting your house down payment. Sorry we never met up last weekend - we'll have to make up for it with our double date soon!


12:14 PM  

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