Tuesday, February 07, 2006

hope and not so much with the hope...

right, so i have been trying to post of a while, bu have either been too busy, or the website was being mean, so here we go.

my confidence in people's good nature increased last friday when i sat down on the bus. a short woman with bright eyes kept glancing at me and smiling. of course i smiled back (i am slowly shedding my NYC subway scowl and protective shield). how are you feeling? she asked me. better? it quickly dawned on me that she was there for the fainting episode earlier in the week, and it touched me that she not only remembered, but thought to ask how i was. i thanked her and we discussed blood sugar levels. she admitted that she almost got off with me to make sure i was ok, and i was shocked. but i realized i would have probably felt the same way, but like her, would not have done anything, either out of shyness or reluctance to stray from my morning routine. i was still glad she asked. not many people would have.

one point for humanity.

so, as anyone who has had the remotest contact with me recently has heard me bitching about my hair - too long, no body, need layers, blah blah. after asking around about places near my work, i realized i was forgetting the best hair dresser i ever had! and only a ten minute bus ride away from my house, no less! i started looking forward to a saturday afternoon hair cut and milkshake (a tradition from my college days), and googled his name to get the salon number to make an appointment. do i get a website for the salon? no. do i get a citysearch review? no. boston.com review? no. harvard law article? yes. apparently, the upstanding citizen who used to cut my hair so very well was using the back of the salon as a BROTHEL. yes, people, the same people who were WASHING MY HAIR were JERKING OFF GUYS IN THE BACK for a mere $60. sigh. but here is the kicker, he was busted by undercover policemen, who not only went and established the fact that this was going on, but went through with it. TWICE. what the hell are our tax dollars paying for?

gah. humanity sucks. a place like that on the border of a college? what is this, 1742?

other than that, nothing really fantastic is happening. tried a new restaurant on friday, saw brokeback mountain, went to a superbowl party and reunited with a few college people whom i have not seen in a while, ho hum.

speaking of ho hum, i always wondered why there were so many commercials about what to make for dinner. everytime i saw one, i was like, woop de do, dinner is not that difficult. until now. no longer can i come home and make myself some ramen or mac and cheese or a lean cuisine. i actually have to COOK. granted, josh cooks half of the time, but the other half is ME. i am already running out of the staple easy recipes. foodtv.com and epicurious.com have become my new best friends. my mind wanders and lists what is in the fridge and how i can combine it into somethiing edible. what is happening to me, am i being domesticated? poo on that! i think the slow cooker is going to get a workout in the next few weeks.... i am tired of this baking, sauteing, chopping, stirring bullshit. send easy recipes my way - i need them...


Blogger si gracieuse said...

re: the cooking... i think it's something to do with growing up. because it's happening to me, too, and as we all know, i'm SO not married.

easy recipes = rachael ray's 30 minute meals. watch her show, it's fab! i'm telling you. SO good. that couscous i made took like 5 seconds. YUM-O! ;o)

also, HURRY UP AND GET YOUR LANDLINE. so missing your chickpea soup right now... *sniff*

1:17 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

i have two of her cookbooks! they are pretty good, but i hate all the CHOPPING! and i don't like frozen veggies because they get cold so fast... and she cooks with a lot of red meat. whine whine whine. we are not allow to watch the show in our house bc her voice makes josh want to kill himself.

your cookbook bday present has been a lifesaver (got the chickpea soup from there:)), i just need to use my imagination and plan ahead...

and i will make you the soup and we can watch LAO when you come in a few weeks!

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Sara said...

i can give you a few really quick recipes next time i see you. but offhand, you could do taco night, or quesadilla night. both very quick and DEEEEElicious! kinda like deeeeeepa! or MEEEEpa!!

sorry i've been at work too long, i'm going a bit batty.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

i have a cooking light 5-ingredient 15 minute cook book that i like...it gives you a list of things to keep around the house for making the different recipes.
also, is this hair salon/brothel the place in harvard we went that was also an antique shop after the infamous bottle of wine night?

11:01 PM  
Blogger si gracieuse said...

hey neat idea w/ the book club blog! who's the other rebecca? *sniff* i am no longer special.

2:26 AM  
Anonymous deepa said...

haha yes laura - same place as the "let's get drunk off cheap wine, get our haircut (at a BROTHEL) and then drink lime rickeys and milk shakes"... ahh good times, good times

9:12 AM  

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