Thursday, July 06, 2006

as dan would say

this weekend was ALL about the relaxing. i actually woke up refreshed on wednesday morning for work. amazing...

thursday i practically ran out of work at 4:30 to make the 5:30 yoga class. i really like it and am headed yoga bound today. it means a slightly early departure from work, but it shouldnt be too big a deal. i hope. i like the instructor a lot, but her heavy chinese accent is sometimes hard to understand.

friday - ran errands and spent time with my mamma. did a lot of grocery shopping and cooked at home. i think. i cant remember now. it was a productive day all in all.

saturday - BEACH! got up at 6:30 to beat any main bount traffic since we wre going north on 128. got to the beach aorund 8ish and layed out and went swimming and ate sandwiches and watched all the babies for a solid 4 and a half hours. josh was getting a little restless, so we headed back. i really like this routine we have going. get up early and head to beach and sleep. we are back at the house and showered by 2 and still have the rest of the day to be active. needless to say, waking up early and the sun exposure totally wiped us, so even though we made it to eden's leaving bbq, both of us were falling asleep. i REALLY wanted to go out with everyone after my my eyelids were closing. so as the party left for government center to see beatlejuice and go drinking, josh and i fell alseep in front of the producers (SUCH a bad movie) and were fast alseep in bed by 10:30. lame, i know

sunday, we drive up to his mom's place for a nice BBQ where i didnt overeat but wanted to. got a free AC unit and a vaccum cleaner (although, the VC is quite ghetto, but it was free, so i'm not complaining). i can't even remember what we did sunday night, but i think the couch and TV were involved. knowing us.

monday, did some work around the house and went to verizon to do phone things with my mom. since josh and i dont use our phones at ALL, the $50 a month for his phone plan was being wasted. and since his plan was up, and my mom needed a bluetooth compatable phone, we added josh to the family plan and my mom got a new phone and blackberry, and everyoen was happy. although i must say, verizon is about the worst run places ever. i have a feeling it has to do with thier computer systems, but you have to go to 740584 different people for each step and it takes forever. we were there for 2 hours. then i napped at my parents place and hung out with my mom some more while josh went home to have some well deserved alone time. then he came back to my parents' place for dinner and we went home ful of pizza and soup. it was a good day - i really needed that. it also made me miss living at home and napping on the couch and eating my mom's cooking. sigh.

tuesday, law and order was turned on at 9am and save some work on the computer, cooking in the kitchen for an hour and a nap, i was parked in front of lenny and green and curtis and mccoy until 7pm. i made some valient efforts to get off the couch and go to the fireworks, but they just didnt take. then i watched house reruns and THEN i went to bed. my eyes were burning wednesday. i am not doing THAt for a long long time. but i dont regret it either;)

now i am rested and the five days off did a world of good. we should bring back the 5 day weekend more often. my productivity this week is through the roof!


Blogger si gracieuse said...

AHEM! on "i'm not doing anything on SUUUUUUNDAAAAAY" night you were watching LAO and talking to ME for like an HOUR. how could you forget. i am so sad. i'm crying now. waaaaaaaah. *sniff* sigh.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

oh yeah! i couldn't remember bc talking to you is like a dream, and i wasnt sure if i was awake or not....:)

9:41 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

a dream come true... sigh.

ok, i'm done. serioulsy, the whole weekend melded together. it was like summer vaca pre wards berry farm

9:42 AM  

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