Tuesday, April 24, 2007


hey all! sorry about the time lapse. work has been busy and i have been getting home on the later side and haven't had the energy to boot up the computer and write. but now i have a breather between meetings and wanted up do a quick update. pictures will follow.

on so lets see - house update. as some of you know, we bid on a house over the marathon weekend. i was lukewarm about it, but it was a nice place, lots of room, all new, good location, and we really could have made it our own. i knew that it would have grown on me over time. i also knew that this was not the four bedroom in the sticks and we were not going to be here forever, so i didn't have to have those "dream house" feelings for it. so the bidding all went down monday night and we waited. we also looked around a bit and saw that there was nothing that really caught our eye and the time on the lease was quickly running out. so both josh and i were looking at it like it was our last chance. tuesday morning we get a call - it was between us and another couple and apparently they wrote this bleeding heart letter about how much they love the place and how they are going to make lots of babies and the babies will love the place and they will all skip around the plaace they all love so very much. barf. so they got it. i was disappointed but josh was more so. we were both a little burnt out and this was just s discouraging. so we looked for another weekend and didn't see anything that caught our eye and called the landlord to renew for another year. we have also been bandying around the idea of buying our place for a few days and may bring it up with the landlord when our lease is up next year. the place is old but solid. with an updated bathroom and kitchen, a new deck in the back and redone walls, we could really pimp it out. sunday, josh and i went for a 2 hour walk around watertown and found a new appreciation for the place and don't really want to leave. so immediate plans include fixing up the porch as a living space for the summer and getting my parents' baby grand up from sharon and restart piano lessons. no school for four years and i can feel by brain atrophying (yes, its a word!).

last thursday i worked late and was so tired by the time i got home that i was all set to order. but lo and behold! josh had dinner almost ready! burgers stuffed with cheese (just how i like it!) and sweet potato fries with this garlic and lemon mayo. so so so good. we stuffed ourselves on the fries (baked, not fried, mom, don't worry) and have found a new go to recipe when we want some comfort food. i also had a gushing post planned about how great he is for doing all that, but the elation wore off:)

work is going well and getting busy again. speaking of, i should get back. i will post a pic of those glorious fries tonight.


Blogger Sara said...

i'm sorry about the house, this whole situation was so frustrating. it sounds like you guys really needed a break from it though, so in a way it's good that you resigned the lease.
and that sounds like a ridiculous meal. can i help make one of those when i come home?! miss you!!

1:35 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

yeah - i think staying in our place one more year was a good move. we kind of got swept up into the whole thing earlier than we were planning, so it all worked out.

and yes - def come over for some bbq this summer! the sweet potato fries are going to be an addition to the bbq menu from now on - so good and SO easy to make....

9:42 AM  

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