Tuesday, May 01, 2007


so that last post sucked. here is another one.

just stepped out for some fresh air. whittard opened in boston! yay! first wagamama and now this! cue another british invasion! just send over those $5 thailis from drummond street and i will be one happy bunny.

so off to whittard to check out what they had. it was very similar to the london ones, but must more space. i guess what i mean by that is when you walk into a whittard in london, there seems to be a lot of clutter. this one was vyer streamlined. i liked it. josh is coming into the city friday afternoon, i might send him over there for mother's day presents.

then off to the kitchen store! i wanted what i call a pasta ice cube tray fo ages. it is basically an ice cube tray with rounded bubbles. lay the dough over the bubbles. fill bubbles. lay another layer of doughon top and then press with the bubble-lining up stamp. presto! 10 perfect little raviolis! i am going to try this baby out this weekend.

THEN i went to get my afternoon latte over at my favorite, yet pricey, coffee place. there was a rather charming older italian gentlemen in line with his wife with the best accent ever. so while we were waiting in line for double lattes (mine) and double espressos (his) i asked him if he was here for vacation or business. he said both. and i started talked about how my sister was in italy and how much i loved it (i was daydreaming about tuscany while him and his wife were chatting about which cake to get in italian) and how he liked boston. then he told me that he had been living here for 20 years and when i mentioned tufts, he said he had taught there. ahh smiles all around! laugh laugh, enjoy the conference (at hynes) bye bye. THEN i hear him telling this blond girl behind me that he didn't mean any disrespect but she was very pretty (she was). i know i am not the italian "type" but i couldn't hlep but feel a little insulted. well whatever, he loves me for my mind.


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