Monday, May 14, 2007


so we tried something new over mother's day weekend and it was a bust. i didn't think the recipes were too out there, but it looks like we just didnt know our audience.

late last week, i went onto bobby flay's foodnetwork site to pick out a few grilling recipes. everytime i watch his show, i am tempted to try whatever he is making. it all looks so easy - marinade this, grill that, plate and done! here was what josh and i came up with (excuse the lack of pictures, my camera ran out of batteries...)

feta and grilled green onion dip with pita bread
josh stuck this in the fridge and it got hard. i will blame him for the fact that it didnt really take off - i liked it though - the lemon really gave it a great bite. it would make a great spread of bagels and lighter sandwiches.

grilled scallops with avacado spread on a tortilla
these were wonderful. i pan fried some tortillas i had left over, so they were more like scallop tacos. these went over a little better, but i feel like josh and i ate most of them, which is fine with me, but i still felt bad that people didn't enjoy them.

grilled shrimp with a jalepeno dipping oil
i knew that josh's grandparents weren't a huge fan of spicy food, so instead of pouring the vinegrette over the grilled shrimp, i kept the spicy and the shrimp seperate. we did make a lot of these, so i found myself picking at them throughout the meal just because they were there. i really like this dish and will def make it again. the shrimp took the spice really well.

tomato and mozzarella salad with a green chile oil
the recipe is for more of a napolean type dish, but i just made it more of a tossed salad. the red tomatos and the vivid green pepper sauce was very appealing. this would have been great on a pizza as well ( we had some dough in the freezer and i was entertaining this idea, but stayed away from the work load in the end)

honey glazed chicken with pea and mit sauce
now this was the most unconventional dish on the table. i kept the sauce seperate from the chicken so that people could take it if they wanted. the chicken was a hit, but mostly because i think people were starving from just picking at all the other food. the honey glaze was great, and so so easy to make.

and last but not least, zucchini - chocolate cupcakes.
THESE, people ate. i thought they were on the dry side, since i skimped a little on the butter, but there were nice and moist on the inside. the cupcakes were insanely easy to make and i will def make them again.

to drink we had sangria, and we had a lot left over. it wasn't my best batch, and we didn't have a lot of drinkers, so i am not too bothered that no one drank. i am going to put it to good use tomorrow night during the LAST GILMORE GIRLS EVER. (tear.)

it didn't help that (1)both our moms are on strict diets and didn't do much more than taste everything (2)my dad sat far away from the food in a comfy chair and couldn't be bothered to get up and get more food (and i am convinced he has an eating disorder, but there is no talking to him about it - he just jokes about my heaviness almost every time i see him). and (3) josh's brother doesn't like seafood (i ASKED josh about this ahead of time and he SAID his brother likes seafood, so i didn't give it another thought, but looking back, there wasn't much he could eat if he didn't).

it was good to try out new recipes though. in the end, it really wasn't that much work. i just had to do some prelim chopping and measuring and the food processor did the rest of the work; it was more planning than anything. healthwise, they weren't that bad either. the worst was the tortillas for the scallops dish (some of them didnt have any chips and could be eaten with sauce or plain), the oil in the dipping sauce for the shrimp (and that was optional as well) and the cheese in the tomato salad (which was lower fat and had no preservatives). the rest was just pureed veggies and grilled proteins. josh's grandparents brought a veggie platter, which was a hit, as was his mother's boyfriend's potato salad. i just hope people didnt leave hungry. we were both pretty bummed about it sunday night, but now know that family = burgers and dogs, and the bobby flay recipes will be for the people who come cook with me this summer (sara - i am talking to you:) )

on a side note - josh did ALL the grilling on sunday and did a fantastic job. we have a good system worked out where i do 90% of the prep work and get everything ready for him to grill and then he takes it from there. thanks babe:)


Blogger Sara said...

holy shat those scallops look ridiculous. dude you're not making it any easier for me to be patient in my wait to come home!!

10:30 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

we'll have a bobby flay par-tay when you come back - when is that again?

12:15 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

weird, i responded to this but it must not have gone through...

anyway, YAY bbq!! i get back july 1st, just in time for july 4th! so maybe that weekend?

10:37 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

ooh DEF! we can so put together a fantastic bbq, but it will have to be sunday - i have a wedding on saturday:)

9:44 AM  

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