Wednesday, June 27, 2007

and coming...

so it looks like josh's family dog of 9 years will be leaving us soon. he got the bad news last night and hasn't really reacted to it. he is spending the night at his mom's so he can say goodbye. i feel like i am in a bad play. it is almost funny.

but no more tears! time to move on with our lives! starting with this weekend!

i am going to attempt to get outside and go strawberry picking! call me crazy, but there's nothing like lugging your 10 pounds back on the hay ride with an aching back and heat stroke. i can't wait. send me strawberry recipes if you have any good ones. i know its been a while and i want to start cooking/baking and taking pictures again.

tonight i have a yelp event - free spa treatments with catered food and wine at a spa that just opening in the south end. yay to being invited to be an elite member! i rule. i am also in DIRE need of a manicure. i did some weeding on a whim last night sans gloves (and pants for that matter...). and i started biting them again, which is bad.

not much more to report. i want to write about last weekend, but it is just too sad. i lost three pounds, and i think they were all tears. i saw some people whom i haven't seen since graduation and although some of the feelings are still there, holding that grudge seems so silly and useless now. it is unfortunate that jon's death brought us all to one place, but i am a little bit relieved. i still dont think they like me, and i know they don't respect me, but a little bit of me is glad that things are back to the status quo. a part of me wants to tell them what i went through, why i was/am so upset, why i needed so much time away from that life; i think they are chalking it up to craziness or immaturity. but if i am going to let things go, i need to do just that. dredging up old feelings will only cause pain. part of me still cares what they think, but that is what got me into so much trouble in the first place. i just need to move on, see them when i see them and remain happy in the life that i made for myself.


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