Sunday, June 17, 2007

He was born in Arizona, got a condo made of stone-a

rode the rails, saw some gold, ate some sushi, and got made of fun of by a singing waitress; it was a tiring, but full, weekend.

friday i took an early train (go summer fridays!) to NYC and, as is customary, made a bee-line from Penn to the eyebrow threading place on 35th and 7th. Although my gal pinky doesn't work there any more, i trimmed the caterpillars and went on my merry way... to express. OK, so i bought the top 14 months ago and couldn't get what i paid for in credit; you can't blame a girl for trying. i also tried on a capri suit that was on sale and got manhandled into reopening my express card for the discount. 40 minutes later, i told him i had to be somewhere and bailed. i didn't want to suit THAT badly and i definitely didn't want the card and i made up my mind a while back that i was not going to be forced into these kind of things (again), so i left. i felt bad for the guy, but if he hadn't pushed so hard for the card, i probably would have bought the suit and left.

then off to drop my bags off with miss B. i WAS going to hit up some sample sales, but the day was so pretty and Bryant Park looked so bucolic that I sat there and read for 3 hours. It was a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon. BP is so funny - you have your guys in suits, your couples making out, your tired shoppers, your pretty boys in their boxers (and not much else) and me, all trying to get a little color on a perfectly warm (but not too hot) day. loved it.

then it was off to brooklyn for drop bags off, shower and head back in to the city for SUSHI! it had been SOOOOO long. not sure why, but i just don't eat as much here. been to sushi express once, but that's it. i am missing the big sushi group i had in nyc. anyway, aki was fantastic, as was Tasti-D-Lite and a small piano bar in the village (fun, but not really my scene). the waitress was great though - kind of reminded me of miss debrot from middle school. after an hour or so of that, we grabbed some pastries on bleeker and then called it a night. we had a long day ahead of us.

after some scrambling at the nj transit, we were on our way to trenton to meet up with my recently engaged friend to drive to phila. for a group brunch with my old roommate. it was SO good seeing everyone again, i can't even tell you. a lot of the old new york group was at the brunch and it made me realize how good i had it those two years. thursday nights and clubbing and lazy sundays and sex and the city...

then off to get mani/pedis. now by the time we made it there, we had about 30 or 40 minutes before we had to start walking to the Franklin Institute for King Tut, so (being as time apprehensive as I am) said that we might not all be able to get things done and dried AND walk over there (and not have to run) in time. the two russian ladies were so pushy and adamant that it could be done and that we should just pick colors and sit down, that i just switched off. i was going to do it for fun, and as soon as i felt any pressure, it was no longer fun. so josephine and i chatted while miss b got pampered. her toes looked really good, and we probably would have made it in time, but, like the express card situation, i felt that i didn't want to do it and it would cost money and i would feel regret it later. i felt bad that we bailed like that, but i think it was the right choice for me. moving on.

king tut - so much gold. it was insane. my archaeologist bug bit me hard, and visions of howard carter and the cairo museum kept dancing in my head. everything was wonderful. it is amazing that so many things (many of them wood) survived for so long and in such pristine condition. i kept thinking about what it was like to close that tomb door and then what it was like to open it. but then we got to the end and there was no sarcophagi and no big mask! and they were cleaning it when i was in egypt (or something) so i was disappointed to not see it here. but all in all, i was happy we made the trek down for the day and got to see things that only a lucky few can see. note to my future self. unless the work science or children is in the name of the museum -leave them at home. everyone suffers and i want to jam golden spears into your head as you walk behind me. also got a glimpse of middle america - and as horrible as it sounds, i was glad to come back to my over educated, elitest new england.

oh - this story must be told - so we were on the nj transit back to nyc and a group of two british girls and two irish boys had gotten on around newark (they were staying at the same hotel) and when the conductor came to get their tickets, they asked him if he knew of any good places to go out. i will give you some of the highlights:

"oh - just go up 8th ave. you know you are in times square when you pass the 50's"

"you guys would have a really good time in hoboken, you should go there"

"i know some good places in pennsylvania if you plan on going there (paraphrased)"

"there isn't much karaoke on saturday nights (K-Town is RIGHT next to Penn...)

B - let me know if i forgot any good ones...

so we are listening to this and barely holding in laughter, when he leaves and we give the group some suggestions (along with some other nearby passengers who couldn't help but overhear the tour guide's suggestions...). too funny.

back to brooklyn for some pizza and team america (so ron-ree) and sweet sweet bed.

some more scrambling this morning (i opened my eyes 14 minutes before the car was supposed to pick us up and it took us both a while to realize what that actually meant...) and then BACK on a train and to my parents house for some father's day cheesecake factory and then home home home.

here are some pics from the weekend. i will post more when they are sent my way (ahem.)

the building that is currently blocking B's veiw of the river. it is amazing how much building is going on in the city. i took some pics of the park, but deleted them. none of them did the day justice.

no explanation here:)

my tiny blueberry treat. yay italian eateries on bleeker!


Anonymous Allie said...

Glad you had a fun weekend! I totally get you on hating the hard sell, it makes me so flustered. I could never survive in a society where you have to haggle.

10:09 AM  
Blogger hollikoala said...

not even a mention! boooooo....

1:12 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

haha - sorry holli! i felt bad about seeing your place and then leaving so quickly (we did the same with another friend who lived on 17th). how was dinner saturday night? did your sister recover?

1:19 PM  

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