Monday, May 21, 2007

pomp and spaghetti

so here is a quick recap of the last few weeks, WITH pictures!

tufts at the pops:
my mom and i went to see divya sing her final pops show last thursday and i fell in love with keith lockheart all over again. no matter how mnay years go by, that man refuses to de-cute-ify. they did the charlie T song, and on the screen above the orchestra they had a video of keith "stuck" on the train going all around boston and it was hilaroious. he really knows how to ham it up. sigh.

then graduation! in the RAIN! although we were all miserable and wet, michael bloomburg gave a fantastic speech (he is going to make a great president someday) and divya got her degree and we were all so proud. prof devine gave a great speech, but since he was dry and we were all getting wet, anything longer than 5 minutes was too long. the parents clapped him off the stage after about 30 minutes. I felt bad for him, but that didn't prevent me from getting wet. the graduation cereomy itself was chaos, since the rain was pouring down and no one could see due to all the umbrellas so some people stood, which meant everyone had to stand. so in the end, i elbowed my way up to the stage and started snapping away. i am going to be the best soccer mom ever - no dean of IR can tell me where i can and cannot go! for all the pics, check out the flickr link to your right.

somwehere in the last few weeks, josh and i saw spiderman three and shrek three. oh. my. god. they were SO bad. the former was a cry fest and was dumb and the latter was a cheese fest and dumb. wait for the DVD people. trust me. we are 0 for 2. pirates, don't let me down.

in the cooking department - had a hankering for some meatballs on friday (i had never had meatballs before, don't ask me where this came from) so josh and i made some scrumptious little balls and put them over some whole wheat pasta. so so good and filling. and then when i saw smittenkitchen's post about the homemade oreos, i could't resist and made some for the 24 finale gathering we had at our place. i made the cookies a little too big, so they look a lot like whoopie pies (but have that oreo taste). we still have about half the cream left over, so i might make these again for the BBQ at my mother-in-laws this weekend. maybe i will make cute mini ones that made you feel a bit less guilty about eating them. i also learned that not eating junk has really made my stomach intolerate to heavy food. first the fried ravioli and now the cream from the oreos... i am bringing the rest into work for people tomorrow. (i just saw a commenter on SK's blog describing how he crumbled up these cookies and put them in his ice cream maker. not sure if my ghetto ice cream maker can handle it, but no harm in trying, right?)

AND last but not least - TWO engagements this weekend. a friend from school and a friend from work. YAY weddings!


Blogger Sara said...

tell divya congrats for me!!

and DUDE, what is with all your friends getting engaged? is it contagious?

4:26 PM  
Anonymous si gracieuse said...

yeah, and why doesn't some of it rub off on ME!?!?!?

7:37 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

sara - one of them was a bridesmaid at my wedding - that is my only hint:)

dude, it could be worse. i know of this girl who is graduating college this year and this summer alone she is IN EIGHTEEN weddings. 18. in them. 18. (she's from texas...)

12:54 AM  

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