Friday, July 06, 2007

my work wife is getting married!

jess is getting married tomorrow! so yesterday the bridesmaids and some Boston friends (including myself) did lunch, spa fun, dinner and drinks to celebrate. and did we ever.

lunch at the elephant walk was great. then we went to the spa for mani/pedis while jess was pampered with massages and facials and sushi (and a mani/pedi of her own). then dinner and then drinking and more drinking. well.. technically, we started drinking AT dinner..

her bridesmaids are a great gorup of girls and i was so happy that they let me tag along. but those of you who have seen me recently know that i have pretty much stopped drinking. maybe a glass of wine here or there, but nothing that will actually have an affect on me. unless i am with stangers. then i get wasted...

three glasses of wine, one espresso martini, one shot of soco, one kamakazi, and one vodka tonic later and i am pouring myelf home at 1am. thank GOD i had the day off. holy hangover, batman.

but it was so much fun, and i cannot wait to party with these ladies tomorrow at the wedding. here are a few pictures from dinner and the bar. the position a day book left us with some priceless expressions...

our bride to be getting ready for the bar portion of the evening

biz and nicky (sister in law of the bride) wondering how much yoga you need to do to train for some of the positions in the book.

sarah (another friend from new york) and nicky hamming it up for the camera.
check out the rest at flickr:)


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