Tuesday, July 03, 2007

you turn your back for 10 measly years

so josh and i went strawberry picking at wards on saturday. wow has that place changed... many of you probably remember the farm stand with all the produce and baked goods and MAYbe a bucket or two of poland spings water or nantucket nectars. some flowers, herbs, jams. all very simple and down to earth. i loved that and so did the people.

you may also remember that they tore down the stand when we were in college and built a big building. i was pretty impressed; they could house a lot more produce and baked goods and there was just more space. the caliber was still pretty high.

now all that produce has been replaced with smoothie stations, deli sections, freezers full of lasagna, pot pie and ice cream. the plethera of baked goods have been reduced to make space for near east cous cous boxes, rao's sauce and other things you can get down the street at shaws for 75% of the price. there was about one crate of corn out (as opposed to the four bag display catherine i worked on for an hour every saturday morning), a few boxes of strawberries and blue berries and nary a potato or onion in sight. and the beautiful tomatoes? there were space for like 4 on the display. where are the green bananas? the oranges? the lettuce? the herbs? outside the flower area was replaced by an inflatable castle, the greenhouse was replaced by a petting zoo with sheep, cows, pigs, and ponies. the pens were SO small - it made my heart hurt. i miss the old wards so much. and although i do understand that bob and team had to go where the business was, i don't have to like it! at least my picture is still up there!

so here are some pics from picking and then the tart i made for erin's bbq. so i made this great wafer crust, but didnt have a torte pan, so had to make it in a cake pan. after a little butter and heat experimentation, i thought i had it down. a wonderful crust that would house the low fat custard i made to be topped with hand picked berries. everything was perfect until i had to get the crust out of the cake pan. turn it over on a plate, then flip it over, i said to myself. the first part worked... for about 5 seconds. as soon as i flipped it over, it looked at me on the plate and promptly collapsed.

so i put the pieces back in a glass pie pan, mushed it up with my first and called it day. it was going to be mushed up in our mouths anyway! don't judge me!

the custard, i was VERY proud of, since it was my first time. i got the crust and custard recipes from the joy of cooking. this will def be a repeat once i get a proper tart pan.

and how cute is this!


Anonymous si gracieuse said...

that picture of josh w/ the berries is the CUTEST THING EVER OMG.

i can't believe it they have a freaking petting zoo! what you are describing has happened to "hello, ward's BERRY farm" is a symbol of all that is wrong with the world and so-called "progress"... i am so glad we grew up when we did, in a time before iPhones and iPods and NEAR EAST COUSCOUS IN PLACE OF RHUBARB CRISP!

ah, good old-fashioned shuckbuckets and plastic-wrapped watermelon and "broken" muffins and carrots at 5 PLU.


4:26 PM  

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