Sunday, November 18, 2007


so, not exactly the orgy of food photos i promised. since i was so into the cooking i forgot to take pictures. here was the menu for today.

simplicity was the key tonight. very provencial and quaint. i think i used a total of 10 ingredients for the whole meal. not bad for 6 courses:)
roasted garlic soup - a success! it was very good and a good base for an indian version or a mexican version or a french version. the roasted garlic smell is a wonderful, wonderful aroma.
balsamic glazed carrots - also a success! i didn't like them as much. i left them in the butter a wee bit too long, and maybe went a little heavy on the Splenda. although i didn't like them, everyone else seemed to and they were eaten with glee. i even pleased a hater of cooked carrots! yay me!
mashed potatoes - i love my mashed potatoes. i really do. mashed with skins and butter and cream and parmesan cheese and scallions. josh will never leave me because of this dish;)
stuffin muffins - also very simple and a hit. white bread, celery, onions, sage and parsley. i put them into the muffin tins a la Rachel Ray and they were great! like little crab cakes of stuffing. doing this allowed me to make them in the morning and them pop them in the oven right before dinner.
roast chicken - josh took care of this one. it took a lot longer then we had planned so we ate late and the rest of the food was cold (no microwave...) but it was good. we forewent the hassle of soup this time. maybe next time.
apple galette - this was a WONDERfully simple recipe from just flour, butter, sugar and apples. flaky free form crust and wonderfully moist apples. it even looked pretty. pictures next time - promise:)

so total ingredients for the dinner: garlic, onions, butter, bread, chicken, potatoes, cream, cheese, carrots, celery, flour, and apples with parsley, sage and thyme. not too shabby...

and HERE is why the rest of the world hates us. IHOP the morning after the wedding. this was for five people...


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