Monday, November 26, 2007

gobble gobble!

so there was a LOT of eating last thursday - most of it done by me.

josh, divya, mom and i got up bright and early and were on our way to gibbet hill thursday morning. due to some not listening to MEepa, we were about 40 minutes early and got the chance to walk around the farm. gibbet hill is quite nice, and my mom promptly started planning divya's wedding to the man she has yet to meet (she says instead of a wedding, she is going to have a single forever party when she is over the hill - 25).

lunch was amazing. we had thanksgiving dinner in london at a restaurant, and most of us came away happy, but dissapointed because there were no seconds, no lounging on the couch and going back for pie later, no mid meal naps. but here, the company was so good and the food so abundant that i really didn't feel anything was lacking. we had the choice of like 5 apps, 4 meals, and 4 desserts. what's not to love?

then back to chestnut hill to veg for al of 45 minutes before divya and i left for the sharon potluck. josh opted out due to the fact that he was beat and sometimes feels like the outsider at these things, and my mom just wasn't ready to be social. it was all for the best, since it was just me, divya, sarika and nisha, no boys, no football, just us. we fell into our ways from 15 years ago, except now sarika is a doctor and realligned all our spines...

so yes, i ate again. i replaced turkey with lasagna, had stuffing, potatoes (two kinds!), and my beloved green bean casserole. oh AND the pie divya made the day before... but that's it, i swear. ok, so i MAY have sampled some green beans when i put together a plate of leftovers for josh. but that is it.  

divya made this year's pie solo. she did a fantastic job.

josh picked out this outfit all by himself! the effects of too much tim gunn, i guess.

the main course at gibbet hill.

my mother - ever regal. 

one of the many desserts we had that day. yes the cup is edible.

from left to right: Kevin's (Melody's boyfriend's) daughter Emily and her son Josh, Kevin's son's fiance Jess, Kevin's son Aaron, Jared's girlfriend Roxanne, Josh, me, Jared, Melody, Kevin, Mom, Mrs. King, Mr. King (Melody's parents) and Divya.

Dessert number 2 - not as glam, but oh so tasty.


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