Tuesday, September 16, 2008

potato awesome

josh is out of town this week and i haven't gone grocery shopping and one cannot eat $20 worth of chinese take out every night (what?). we had some potatoes, some leeks, some sour cream, and the usual acroutromonts, so i made mashed potatoes the usual way (sour cream, some butter, skins on), sautéed some bacon and leeks, added thyme and parmesan and piled everything onto my plate. 

as i was eating my bacon/potato/leek/sour cream/parmesan cheese combo, i named it "potato awesome" and realized something about myself. my naming skills are brilliant. 

here are some other potential potato awesome combos: broccoli and cheddar and chives. salsa and that mexican soft cheese that i love so much. baked beans and sharp cheddar. 

i didn't take a picture, because honestly, it was not very photogenic, but potato awesome is my new way of getting rid of leftovers. any other combos do you think would work?


Blogger SR said...

Non cooking cooking is the best! I plan to do a post on all the non cooking things I'm discovering, like meatballs from Ikea. :)

10:12 PM  

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