Tuesday, July 21, 2009

and waiting...

Everyone is asking, so here is the latest:

Still pregnant. Everything is moving in the right direction, but no labor yet. We are waiting on mangoman to do his thing and get this show on the road.

If I am still with child on the evening of the 29th, they will induce. My doctor is pretty sure it will happen before then, since I have been having contractions off and on since Thursday night, but you never know. If that is the case, we have 8 more days of waiting.

I am doing my best to stay positive and keep busy. The boredom is killing me, though. The aforementioned cabin fever coupled with the recent rain (which is going to last all week) is taking its toll. I have been trying to keep busy in the kitchen (buttermilk ice cream, buttermilk cakes (yes, cakes, plural), banana bread, lasagna, waffles (for the freezer).... as the days go on, so will my list. I unloaded some of the goodies onto my doctor's office today but need more tasters. Stop by if you want any:)


Anonymous Jackson said...

We should start a pool. Twenty bucks on Thursday!

8:24 PM  

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