Monday, September 07, 2009

Food recap!

Although I haven't been blogging about it, I HAVE been cooking (some). Here is a sample from the past month or so.

We accidently bought a pack of eggs, when we already has a full pack, so I needed a way to get rid of a case of eggs fast. Ice cream! The buttermilk ice cream I made the weekend before Rohan came was wonderful. The actual ice cream didn't look photograph so well, but I like this eggshell picture quite a bit.
The day before we went to the hospital, my mom and sister came over for brunch. I wanted to make waffles, but we didn't have any syrup. We DID have some peaches that were on their way out. Stewed peaches with brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon with fresh, whipped heavy cream was a perfect topping. My mother practically licked the bowl:) Definitely a repeat recipe.

DVR did not come naturally to us. First we DVR'ed shows we knew we were going to miss. Then shows we liked. Then shows we may like. Then I realized I could DVR the Food Network! Woo hoo! Most of our DVR library is Barefoot Contessa. I have been making more and more of her recipes lately, with great success. I made chicken picatta last week with salad and mashed potatoes. Also a repeat recipe.
I have made Smitten's dimply plum cake with peaches many, many times, always with half peach pieces in a square pan. Here, I tried peach slices in a spingform pan. Although it looked better, this version didn't have as much moisture IN the cake. The larger peach pieces oozed juice, whereas these smaller pieces simply dried up on top, leaving the bottom cake part a bit dry. Well, knowing is half the battle:)


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