Friday, September 04, 2009

well, that was a bust*

A few days ago, Rohan and I got up around 8, I fed him and then.... drumroll please... I put on some work out clothes and got ready to go for a run! I know. You can get up off the floor now.

I walked purposefully to the bike path and got ready to book it to Davis. There I am, jogging stroller, baby, water, I am good to go. And away I go! For about 45 seconds. And then I stopped. It seems even my most snug nursing bra was just not doing the trick. Sadly, my sports bras are too small for me (I should just throw them all away, really), and I don't want to buy new bras until I stop nursing and can assess the damage. Poo. How many freaking bras can I own? Bras that don't fit anymore, unsupportive nursing bras, sports bras for the next 5 months, and then a whole new set of bras this winter? Bras ain't cheap, people! Gah.

Anyway, so I stopped running and walked purposefully to Davis, and then walked even more purposefully to Starbucks (it had been AGES) and got myself an quad iced mocha and headed home. About half way through my venti, I pictured what I must look like. A 20-something mother, in work out clothes, expensive sunglasses, and an even more expensive jogging stroller, strolling down the bike bath with her cell phone and Starbucks. Sigh - I am such a cliche.

* No pun intended...


Blogger Kiwi said...

Hahaha AWW! You sure do paint a vivid picture, my dear.

I totally understand how frustrating it is that bras are so expensive but they are soooo important! That really sucks. But hey, I am very impressed that you got out there anyway! Motivation is one of the most important parts right ;) hehe.

10:53 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

haha - so true! I found some cheap(er) bras at Target, so hopefully those will work out...

1:23 PM  

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