Friday, September 25, 2009

The perfect storm

...of poop.

On Tuesday, I took Rolo into the city to run an errand at the RMV. We hopped on the bus, hopped onto the orange line and voila! Chinatown RMV. He slept until I was called up, but I knew that he was due to wake up soon, and as soon as he woke up, he would need to eat. I love my son, but breast feeding on the T was just not happening. It was a nice day, so I figured I would walk my way through the park and find a secluded tree or something so I could feed him when he woke up. and then we would be on our way back home.

Walked slooooowly through the park. Nothing. Ok, I'll wait out his nap in Starbucks. Thirty more minutes go by and I am wondering if this kid will ever wake up. Oh! He starts to stir! Success! Ok, now I just need to find an out of the way bench or something and set up camp. I walk up Charles, find a nice quiet side street, walk a ways down, settle down on a stoop, and pull out the Hooter Hider. Awesome. We will be on the T in less than 20 minutes.

About halfway through, he starts to squirm. Then squirm some more. Then the spit up eruption starts - digested spit up. Awesome. I try and deal with wiping that under my cover when I hear it.

Explosive poop that starts to leak out of his diaper. Oh lord. I balance him in one hand and reach for the diaper bag with another. I am technically still decent, the cover is doing its job, so I go to work on getting him changed and cleaned up.

I lay out the changing mat on the stoop and put on a new diaper. And he fills that diaper before I can close it. By the time I turn back with a second new diaper, he has gotten poop all over everything. Anyone who has experienced this before knows that getting a onesie with poop on it over the head of a squirming child means that you will smear that poop all over his back. Awesome. So now, I have a screaming, naked baby trying to roll off a changing pad on a concrete stoop off of Charles. Breathe in. Breathe out.

So finally I clean him up as best I can, throw a new onesie on him, strap him back into the stroller and then turn my attention to getting myself put back together. Oh, what's this? The construction crew working on the house across the street is coming back from lunch? Hey boys! Like the show? I'm so glad.

Finally, we are back on Charles, on the T and then waiting for the bus in Davis. I look at him lying there, perfectly unaware of the all the chaos that occurred just 30 minutes ago, and can't help but smile. How could you not?


Blogger Kiwi said...

Haha wow what a story! Sounds like you handled it the best you could!

That's true love right there ;) Aww

9:53 AM  
Blogger ice cream addict (=^_^=) said...

I love reading these stories... :)

11:39 PM  

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