Friday, September 18, 2009

spot on - sort of...

So, one of the blogs I follow pretty regularly (it is on my Google Reader feed) is Marriage Confessions. The writer has a sharp sense of humor and the couple is a few months ahead of us with the whole baby thing, so the blog is easy to relate to.

Anyway, she is sponsoring a giveaway on her blog, and I thought I would try my luck. I took the HomeGoods style test and it looks like I am Bohemian Casual. Here is breakdown:

You are interested in creating a place where people feel relaxed. You have a variety of interests and influences and so appreciate different styles, cultures, and objects. Your home is cozy, with comfy chairs, throw pillows and places to set a drink or a book. But it also feels creative and visually intriguing, because you have an artist's eye that allows you to find objects that appeal to you in a unique and personal way—whether from your travels or from a local shop. This gives your home a feeling of being laid-back, and maybe even a bit quirky with its mix of pieces—some of which are classic, some handmade, some ethnic, and some just rich in meaning to you.

You value order. You feel happiest if your home is well organized. You understand that when your house is in order, your mind feels clearer. Rather than a lot of meaningless objects or overly-designed items, you are happier with a few well-placed things. Your home is your respite from a busy life. Try to avoid letting things into your home that you don't really love.

The first para is not entirely true. I am a Crate and Barrel/Pottery Barn whore. Sure I have some Asian inspired pieces, but I got them at CB2... I am also less of a collector of things, I am more prone to putting up pictures of our travels. One of my goals in life is to have as few boxes as possible when we move. Clothes kitchen stuff, pictures, the baby, these are important. Chachkies, not so much.

The second para is spot on. I hate, hate, hate clutter and having things just lying around. Unfortunately, having a kid upped my OCDness, which was pretty bad timing, let me tell you. Since I am home all day, I see no reason my bed should not be made, the sink should should hold a single dish, the laundry basket should be more than half full, and the coffee table have ANYthing on it, even the remotes. I am constantly picking up and putting away, determined not to let baby stuff take over the house. I understand that in a few years, even a few months, the baby will be crawling and there will just be stuff everywhere. But, now, he is a newborn; he has no stuff. He has clothes that belong in the nursery, toys that should not be out unless they are being used, diaper bags that live in the car seat. Sadly, turning into my mother is driving Josh crazy. I need to come to terms with two facts: 1 - I will not be able to keep this up once I get back to work, and 2 - I cannot expect Josh to maintain my obsessiveness when he stays home with Rolo in December. Good thing Josh doesn't read the blog:)


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