Saturday, October 22, 2005

wedding bands (not the musical kind)

arrived last night to home made soup and a quiet night with the boy. pea soup - he guessed my favorite. he also added a few indian spices, so so good.

this morning we got up, gymed it for a bit and then went to look at wedding bands. i had my mind set on a simple one, but the lady (josh's friend's mom, got him a great deal on the ring) tried to upsell me to one with diamonds. which did catch my eye, but thinking about it now, i think i am going to go with the simple one. too many diamonds is just not me. plus, even though she knocked off about %30, the diamonds with platimum was just too much. i can always drop more diamond hints in 10 years...:)

now we are waiting for josh's friends to come over and we are carving pumpkins! ok gotta run. need to put on some socks.

10/21 - pizza, two cokes, split pea soup, glass of wine / no gym


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