Monday, October 24, 2005

ann arbor fun and plane unfun

ahh, my weekend was fantasic and relaxing and much much too short. josh and i had a blast just hanging out, and it felt so good to be around him again. he makes me laugh so so much, such a sweetheart.

the night of pumpkin carving went really well. we carved and roasted seeds. his friends there are so different from our group at tufts; no swearing, no joking about each other's sex life, no nothing. i was wearing my "you say potato.. " shirt, which got a few stares but no comments. it was still a lot of fun. josh's new roommate is SO incredibly awkward (like nathan luckey but without the sketch factor) so i think he overruled me in the new to the group weirdness. everyone's came out really nicely - i made a bat, josh made a skull face, anne made the notre dame logo, her husband jason made a carving of trick - or - treaters, jeff and his wife made something, i forget, and jeff's sister and fiance made the coolest headless horseman EVER. it was so cool.

sunday, we got up and went to the airport, since i had an early flight. and OH, the RUDEST lady sat next to me. first off, she was like 300 pounds, so she barely fit in the seat and her stomach rolls were taking up all the arm space and her arms were pouring into my shoulder area. and i would have dealt with this all fine and good if she had been nice, but no, she was not. she kept making rude comments to me and the air hostess and the guy on the other side of her (she was in the middle) told me that if it were him, he would have slapped her. the people behind me also congradualted me for keeping my cool. and she knew it too! she was getting into a cab in line ahead of me and i just shook me head slowly, and she was ashamed, bc you do not treat people like that. i think she was bitter because i could cross my legs and she couldn't.

after i got back from the airport, i scrounched for some food and caught up with a lot of people: Bess, Lucy, Steve, and then DH and GA and went to bed. only to be woken up an hour later by a VERY loud siren outside my door and did went off for THIRTY MINUTES. now that doesn't seem like a long time, but it is. ohh, it is.

10/22: lasagna, bread pudding, some rice and General's chicken, small slice of pumpkin pie and roasted pumkin seeds / 2 mile run

10/23: wendy's chicken sandwich (not my first choice, but if i don't eat b4 i get on a plane i faint, and i will be damned before i spend $15 for a three day old airport salad), pasta with sauce, triscits and cheese spread, hot chocolate / no gym


Anonymous Allie said...

Ha, I always end up being rude on the plane. I always promise myself I won't this time, but last time I had a lazy flight attendant who didn't have any more Coke on her cart and refused to go to the back (I was the 2nd to last row from the back) to get another one, even though I saw another flight attendant go to the back to get someone a ginger ale. I didn't want a fucking Sprite goddamnit! Anyway, glad you had a nice weekend.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

whatever! if she had a coke to give, she should have given it to you! oh, AND i wanted nuts and they costs a DOLLAR. WHAT IS UP! i am not pleased with my flight experience. hopefully the 45345038503853 hour flight to india in exactly 70 days will be better.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Allie said...

??? Where did this week's posts go?

8:47 AM  

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