Saturday, February 25, 2006

nothing much to report

the title says it all. not much going on.

work is going really well. I had to set up all these WebEx calls with elem. teachers from the south (LOVE the accents) and learned a new computer program to do so. Everyone seemed really impressed, and even though there were MANY hitches (teachers couldnt log on, issues with converting and uploading files to the program, etc) i mandaged to keep my cool and sort everything out. we got a lot of good feed back from the meetings, and i got a lot of calls congradulating me on my hard work and cool head. it was nice to be acknowledged and appriciated. my boss tells me everyday how lucky she is to have me there. :)

went to my sister's cultural show last night. now i think i had my hopes up REALLY high, since last years show just blew it out of the water. the dances were short, there were not too many, the skits were short and side splitting and the whole thing lasted about 2.5 hours. umm.. not so this year. is seemed like the directors did not put any time limits on the dances or look at the roster closely enough. too many skits (BAD skits, and when i say bad, i mean bad - sara and eden can atest to this), and too many instumentals. people come to his show for the dances, not to see the sitar player and the tabla player battle it out on stage (although, i must say, there were very good). many of the dances were excellent, and of course, divya was the best one there by far. she looked so good on stage, and i felt a mother's rage when i saw her in the back row and then elation when she was up front. fantasic job on her part. so proud. because of the length of the show, my dad and the people we came with where ready to leave the minute the last dance ended and i could tell that my mom was torn between making my dad and guests happy and staying to see divya after the show. so i said i would stay. and then josh left to drive sara and eden to the T, so when divya did come out, i was the only on there to greet her. she was hurt, and i felt bad. i have been trying to reach my parents all day - i hope that she got to talk to them.. oh well.

tonight is the first meeting of the FSRC and i am excited to get all dressed up and go out for a fancy meal with wine. then tomorrow is groceries and cooking for the week. we planned a bit of the menu for the party next week, so we need to get on shopping for that. although i was a little bummed about the way people acted earlier, i am getting excited just to have people over. i miss entertaining. for those of you who are coming, BRING PEOPLE! i want to fill up this house.


Anonymous Sara said...

oh yes, i can most certaintly attest to the horrific skits that we were subjected to. as eden and i put it afterwards: we felt like we'd been mentally gangbanged by this group of people.

sorry if that's graphic, but that's real life people.

the dancing ROCKED though, go divya!

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha - yes! there was one point when we all looked over and josh was just rubbing his temples.

am i still invited to eden's bday? does she hate me? :( i DIDN'T KNOW IT WOULD BE THIS LONG!! divya is singing in an accapella concernt on the 8th - if anyone wants to come (it is JUST singing, NO skits... that i know of...)

12:59 PM  

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