Monday, March 06, 2006

a stupid man

up early to go the gym and do all the shopping for the party. running around, coming home late, and starting all the chopping, baking and food processor-ing. forgetting about lunch until 2pm and making a quick bowl of soup. more cooking, cleaning, mopping, wiping. then people started arriving and i started running around once again, talking, refilling, reheating and restocking the table. one martini. one more. a beer at the hong kong, a straw in a scorpion bowl. went home and threw up. passed out and woke up with a death wish. how did this happen?

i realized it late on sunday. i didn't have THAT much to drink, not enough to make me feel like this... then it dawned on me, one bowl of soup and three pieces of bruscetta and that was it. how could i just forget? i guess the adreniline stayed off hunger all night, but i know i am smarter than that. i NEVER drink without eating, not after i saw an old roommate puke out her stomach lining for four hours straight after vodka and no dinner.

my dad said that everyone makes mistakes, but only a stupid man repeats them. i guess in this case, it was a stupid woman.


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