Saturday, July 14, 2007

'arry pottah!

oh. my. god. the movie was SO good. i was completely blown away. sure they left out a lot of stuff, and ron for the short end of the stick subplot-wise, but the acting, directing, staging, comedy, storyline, all superb. this is def the best one yet - and that is saying a lot, since it was my least favorite book. the grown-ups don't pull any acting punches and there is an indian with a great line! (yay indians in the media!)

see this movie. see it in the theater. see it twice.

and less than a week until the big day! divya and i are going to go to harvard square for the festivities - harry and the potters* (and draco and the malfroys) are playing. the are supposedly so bad, they are good.

*two tufts alum who quit there jobs in INVESTMENT BANKING bc they were making more money selling cds of bad songs about harry potter. i love it.


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