Thursday, July 12, 2007


i went to the lantern lighting ceremony with my friend kristen tonight. hundreds of people showed up with messages to ones they had lost. i wrote to my grandmother and jon.

it was amazing to see all these people and know that they had felt what we were feeling. that they experienced that loss. and that they have gotten past it. the feeling around the lake with one of bittersweet memories. i don't think their wounds were as fresh as ours, but we both saw that they moved on. it is hard to know that one day you won't think about it as much. she even said that she can't imagine a time when she will be ok with it. but all those people went through it and survived. they lit their candles and said thier goodbyes, and had thier memories.

of course my camera ran out of battereries. i wish i could show you all how beautiful it was. i am posting the picture from the website, just to give you an idea. now picture hundreds of these floating on a lake as the wind blows them from one end to another.


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