Friday, July 27, 2007

this preview has been approved for all audiences

so, our keyboard isnt working. which means i cannot upload pictures. which means i cannot post them. so in the meantime, here are things i WILL post about as soon as i can get back on the computer...

HARRY POTTER! divya, i and a new friend went to the hoopla in harvard square and had a fantastic time. we were IN THE STORE when then clock struck midnight. i was home and reading in my pjs by 12:30. it was awesome.

my worldwind weekend of bess and adam. fun - lots, sleep - little.

shakespeare in the park and the zucchini bread i made. both were enjoyable. i will post pics.

the scallops i made last night. i had never made them before (josh had). not bad for the first time. i am using boston organics and am trying to branch out, food wise... again, pictures to come


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