Thursday, August 02, 2007

glutton for punishment

so the first part of the post is about the gluttony. i made empanadas (smittenkitchen's recipe, previously posted) when sara and jarrod came over last night for dinner. i love this dish but it takes SO long (easily 2 hours), so i don't like making it for just josh and me. it just seems like so much work and then we eat it and it is gone. i guess i need some outside praise after all the kneading and braising and filling and crimping.
i added some spicy this time, but def not enough. i'll have to pump that up even more next time. also added some cinnamon on a whim. it gave it a nice flavor. i do have half the dough sitting in the freezer. maybe i will try to make them again with a different type of filling. any suggestions?

and the yummy faces!

almost all gone! sara cut up some tomato and avocado as well. some corn, salt, pepper and lime later and we had us a mighty fine side dish.

the second part of the post is about punishment. lately i have found that whenever i am parting with my money, i am also being scolded. i wait to long to get my eyebrows threaded, i get a lecture about letting them get to long and thick. i wait to long to get the knots worked out of my shoulders and lower back, i get a lecture about how i am too young to have this kind of tightness. i don't get waxed enough, another lecture about how it is less painful the more often it is done. and i am paying these people! i actually had to switch bikini waxers because i waited too long once and was afraid the russian lady (who i LOVE) would yell at me. i am still scared to show my face there.

the doctor, i understand. i am not taking care of my health and i need a talking to. fine. the dentist, sure. but my hair stylist? come on! i mean, it is nice to know they care. but i feel guilty. and then i hand them my credit card. and a tip.


Blogger Sara said...

dang those empanadas were YUMMY!!! thanks again deeps :o)

i'll email you later and let you know where i am, SO EXCITING!!

7:32 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

what part! what part!

8:35 AM  

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