Thursday, August 09, 2007


trivia last night was a blast. it was odd meeting all these people in person. we knew each other from reviews, and the forums and whatever emails and compliments we had sent back and forth. but your online self and your in person self are two different things. you say/write things online in a joking manner that you probably wouldn't say face to face because of some weird sense of decorum. but online, anything goes. you flirt, you joke, you share about your past, and usually we aim to shock or be funny. we can mull over a sentence or take our time to be witty and insightful. but in person, we don't have google at our fingertips and what you see is what you get. i was a tad bit nervous.

i had met a handful of the trivia goers last night before, but only briefly. this time the pitchers were flowing and we were in it for the long haul. and i had a blast. i could be loud and obnoxious me, funny me, flirty me. if i had met these people in a class, or at work, perhaps we never would have hung out. i don't know. but last night team seatards at bay and team turd sandwich with a choice of side ruled the red hat. our energy and noise levels blew everyone away, even if we did come in fourth...

i will probably post more pictures later, since shannon and YH got some gems, but here are a few from last night:

care to share with the whole class?

we found tom's long lost twin at the bar (tom is in the lower right of the picture)

we had some great faces that night... such as...

J's self proclained "gay face". i think YH and i pull it off well, no? thanks to our head yelper for the last two shots:)

here are the first spoils of the garden! of course we are leaving just as the garden is ready to burst. my mom said she will stop by to water and pluck if need be:

and last but not least, some jfk park fountain pics i took on my friday off last week.

so off we go to belize! there will be stories and pictures upon our return. i am sure of it. bye!


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