Sunday, December 16, 2007


lately, i have been taking the easy way out when it came to roasting squash. i used to take the whole squash, chop it like firewood, roast it for 90 minutes and then scrape the cooked flesh from the skin. it made weeknight meals very late and turned us off butternut squash soup and risotto for a while. but then i saw that russo's did the chopping and the peeling for me for a slightly higher price! now, it's just throw the cut pieces into the oven, roast for 30 min and then i'm all set!

but last weekend, we didn't make it to russos and shaws didn't have cut squash. back to the primitive ways it was. sigh. chop, roast, scrape. the soup came out wonderfully (i threw a red pepper in the oven to roast as well and added it to the soup), but my spoiled self is going take squash off the weekly menu if i cannot find it all meepa-ed out. 


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