Monday, January 07, 2008


Four days in New Orleans! Besides the work part, it was actually a lot of fun. Nice dinners with co-workers, making friends with jazz players, fending off drunk Buckeyes. The food really is amazing. I ate so much seafood (check out my yelp reviews for details). My favorite place was by far the hole in the wall we went to for dinner the last night. Pictures on the menu and everything! See my .mac page for all the pictures.

A and K and the menu with pictures!
I was taking a snap of the enormous bottle, but captured A unawares instead.

Nary a wine bottle in sight! Finally!
Oysters again!
I really couldn't get enough oysters. We all couldn't, really.
Gumbo - or the empty bowls... we inhaled them.
Fried but not greasy - how do they do it?
The inside of Casamentos. Ghetto fab and we loved it.
A laughing at the sheer amount of crab leg carcasses on her plate. She really ate a lot.
We walked around uptown a bit, but this was the only picture that came out. I loved all the balconies here. I wish we had more time to spend in the city during the day. 
Beer to go! I finally had my spring break experience.. at 26!


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