Monday, December 24, 2007


So cookie baking was moved to Saturday and my sister and I went to town. We halved all the recipes (see previous post about butter), so although we had a variety, we didn't have that many actual cookies.

Here is the run down: Mexican wedding, chocolate krinkles, oreos, biscotti, ice box and chocolate chip cookies. Divya made a whole batch of the chocolate chips, so we still have a ton of those left, but almost all the rest are gone:) oops.

This is just from the walk to the park for the holiday party on Wednesday. It wasn't sunny, but the park was beautiful. This man was walking his dogs on a frozen Swan Pond.
We pulled out Donna Hay, The Joy of Cooking, the Christmas Cookie Book, Martha, the Toll House book and some of SmittenKitchen's recipes.
These were the ice box cookies. SO easy - I don't think I will go back to the store bought cookie logs again. It took all of 10 minutes and tasted so much fresher. Unfortunately, this isn't a fool proof recipe, as I left them in for a few minutes too long and they were a bit too carbon-y for us. Ah well...
You can see the aforementioned burnt cookies as well as the biscotti. I didn't add enough sugar this time and they are not sweet enough Maybe I will grind them for a crust. 

Merry, Allie and Sara came over for this last batch on Sunday. Also VERY easy to make. Gotta love that powdered sugar. Not pictured are the oreos, the Mexican wedding (came out a little crumbly - I sent them home with my sister since they are her favorite), and the chocolate chip ones. 

Have a great Christmas everyone! There will be more pictures from tomorrow's festivities I am sure. Pray for trifle!


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LOVE that weeping willow picture, looks like an impressionist painting.... Gorges!

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