Sunday, May 11, 2008

the purge

i am one of the few that actually likes packing. i like going through everything and getting rid of stuff. i am the anti pack rat. if i haven't used it, worn it, or thought about it in a year, it's gone. except for a few things like yearbooks and picture albums, I hate carrying around the past. it's all about streamlining, baby!

in the kitchen, we donated the magic bullet (the KITCHEN appliance! dirty!), the rice cooker/steamer/slow cooker we used like three times, and got rid of the wok we systematically ruined. it is nice to know that pretty much everything else, we used. if you bought us the wok or the slow cooker, sorry....

so the kitchen, living room and some of josh's room is all packed. melody was a godsend and ran the show yesterday. i have such a bad eye for things like what goes on the bottom and what fits best. and i think if it was just me and josh, one of us would have taken the box cutter and done something they would have regretted. she was a nice buffer:)

so here is our sad little packed up place. the only thing that is left are the clothes and kitchen things we are taking to my mom's. the living room and office are for next weekend as well.

I have no idea where this ornament came from. If the picture looks a little blurry, it's...umm... not the picture.

VHS what?

The amount of boxes has Josh worried about our 10x10 storage space. We have all this, plus the office furniture, the TV stand, and the three dressers. I think we can do it
So sad.

My kitchen that I love so much has now been reduced to this. This is ALL I am taking to my mom's. Sigh.


Anonymous Becca said...


Please tell me you're at least donating the VHS tapes to somewhere and not throwing them in the garbage...

7:27 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

sadly, it was the garbage for top gun, et al. who would want VHS tapes?

9:08 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

it's so weird to think i am not going to see your apt again!! no worries, you will have a HUGE kitchen someday soon :o)

10:41 PM  

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