Thursday, April 06, 2006

for my darling sisterwife

so although i have no news to report, i feel as though i should write an entry for those who kept me so entertained when i needed entertaining, so for you miss B, i will simply do a quick train of thought.

here is goes:

so i just read an article in the times about how eating a low calorie diet may make you live longer and they did this study in rhesus moneys which always makes me thing of peanut butter where the control group had more cancer and died a lot more and the experimental group lived longer and were leaner and had less body fat and stuff and then they did the same things with humans were one group could only eat 890 calories a day which got me to thinking what kind of lifestyle is that they said that they had like 5 shakes a day and a nutrient brownie and that it was hard and i was like HARD that would have made me miserable which got me to thinking how its not that i like being full it is that i actually like the act of eating i like making a good meal or having one made for me and the smell and the foreplay or plating it or having it plated for me and then eating it and tasting all the flavors and thinking about what is in what and how this reacted to that and how simple ingredients like basil and tomatoes can add so much flavor and color and it kind of made me want to quit my job and become a chef or a critic or something until i came to my senses and realized that i am really not that handy in the kitchen bc i lack the science skills behind cooking which josh really has as did my italian roommate in london who could take like 5 ingredients an whip something up and it would so so heavenly and only because she didnt over cook or undercook or very spice or underspice and didnt mix things in when they were not supposed to be mixed and then this morning i read the article on how they may have found a fossil of a fish with feet which is very exciting! and it made me think of the days when i wanted to be a paleontologist or an archeologist and how i still really do but the life of one is not something i really want all that traveling on grants and begging and not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from and not really having much of a family life unless your husband was one too and if that was the case then children are kind of out of the question only because you would have to choose one or the other and i am not sure i could do that especially if it is something that i enjoy so much and i actually sat and thought about going back to school for archaeology but then reasoned that it si probably too late and 6 more years of school is really something i could not commit to right now especially when i think back to all the archeology grad school classes that i took in college and how pretentious everyone was and how so many things went right over my head and how all those kid were destined to a life of grants and research oh yes RESEARCH! how could i forget about that? nevermind, the idea has lost all attraction if i could just go and sit in class and soak up information and then go on digs and use it and discover cool things then i would be all for it but reality is not such and i am not a billionaire like that guy on bones last night who was searching for pirate treasure and could afford to bc he was funding the thing and it all seemed so cool until someone died and they have to call the FBI i am really getting hooked on the show it is quite clever but the next one is all about voodoo and voodoo kind of creeps me out there was this computer game online that someone showed me in college and you were this college guy and had to do all these college things and have sex with girls and it was funny but REALLY demeaning towards women at the same time and there was this one were he is at mardi gras and she tries to sleep with this voodoo guys daughter and the whole thing becomes weird and creepy and i actually had to turn it off and close my screen but of course everyone knows i scare easily and it really doesnt take that much i cant even watch commercials for scary movies like that one with all the deformed people the hills have eyes and that little girl is SO creepy and i only saw it once and it is still kind of creeping me out now that i am thinking of it and i am sure that you all have stopped reading my now and this will prove to you that i really have nothing interesting to say so i will stop and next time you want me to update when nothing is happening in my life, you make thing twice about it or you may get something even more mundane that this:)


Blogger si gracieuse said...

dude, AWESOME!!!!! i think you should do this every day!!!!! :o) :o) :o)

thanks, babe! i LOVE.

btw, i got the tix in the mail today... WOO HOO!

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