Monday, April 10, 2006


so this wekend was hectic and fun and made me look forward to NEXT weekend which will relaxing and fun.

after dragging josh around friday in the rain to get my va-jay-jay waxed we went to dinner at chili's (an old ann arbor haunt) and then to WS, where we proceeded to spend more of our gift certificate on things we didnt really need (mango margahita mix and molten chocolate cake mix...REAL essentials). sat, we did all our grocery shopping and target shopping and then i went and got my feet all pedicured. and THEN we went to tufts to see my sister sing in her a cappella group. so the day was mostly running around, we didnt have a lot of down time and my libido has been a little low, so all in all, not a fantastic day. sunday, however, was a lot of fun. got up at 10 and started preparing for brunch and supper. cut some stuff up, whipped some stuff up and baked some stuff up. after everyone showed up with the food they were to bring and all the food i cooked we had: bacon, a quiche, challah french toast, two kinds of waffles, cinnomen bread, a melon bowl and mimosas. the five of us did a decent job of putting it all in our tummies and we were all full. but while everyone went home to digest, josh and started making meal number 2, chicken parm, bruschetta and salad, and his family brought cake and ice cream. and since his grandfather was there, we at at 4:30. amere TWO hours after brunch was over. two. a day of eating and eating some more. oh, did i mention we ate. i feel so gross, STILL (and this is also after the 8pm quiche and brischetta reheat). it was all very good, but i may have to live on broth for a while to flush out my system... after we finish the leftover cake of course.

NEXT weekend is a weekend of lounging. we are going ot the cape to a cute B&B for two days and then to a friends place for dinner. NO work, NO errands and NO cleaning. my parents were over and his parents were over so the place is spotless.

ok, and now a quick diatrabe:

so you know that old navy commercial where they are all dancing on the roof of some apt neat a city (there is a skyline in the background) and they all dance and everyone is happy in thier old navy clothes. well, at the end they all do this spin thing where they put up thier hands and spin them in one direction and thier hips follow and it all looks very cool and fun, etc. WELL, there is this girl in the corner in a long dress who barely even puts her hands up in the air and DOESNT EVEN MOVE HER HIPS AT ALL! and it irks the HELL out of me. now she is goingto go and put "old navy commercial with choreography" on her resume and it is a LIE! and the only reason she is IN the commericla is she is earing a white dress that only people who dont EAT could wear. no wonder she couldnt even life her arms. GAH. every time i see that commericial, i look at josh and throw my hands up in exasperation and then he would get up and imitate her half assed dance move that she didnt even really bother to learn. i hate her. i have issues, i know, but that doesnt keep me from feeling like this. hate. her.


Anonymous Allie said...

Sorry I missed the brucnch - sounds yummy! Am v. jealous of your upcoming mini-break.

xxx Shazzer

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Sara said...

LOL. funniest thing i've heard all day. and it's 11:45 pm, so you should feel REALLY special.

brunch was delish! yay you finally made me waffles!! about time, biznit. muah ha ha....

have fun on the cape!!

11:48 PM  

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