Thursday, December 21, 2006

B is for biscotti!

josh and did some baking tonight. i attempted biscotti (twice baked - i took latin and everything...) and they came out pretty good. i cut them a little thicker than donna hay said, but i like my biscotti on the thicker side (ooh, dirty!).

josh broke out the cookie gun and made his favorite cookies. i can see why - they are basically flour and sugar and crack.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


my two week vacation started yesterday at 4:48. i am free until the 2nd of January. making cookies after a solid lie in are on my agenda. actually, this week is lazy, but next week is fairly busy. sunday, we are cooking dinner for 9, monday, we are driving around to see people for christmas, tuesday, we are having sarika and the gang over for dinner , wednesday is josh's grandmother's bday and steve is in town, thursday, we are having josh's cousin over for dinner, and friday, we are having becca, sara and merry over and then maybe going out for drinks. and then saturday we are going to sorrelina for our anniversary and then sunday is merry's party and boston beer works. and then monday is law and order all day long. :)

here are some pics from the last few weeks. did some cooking and tree trimming. those ravioli pics are all josh's handywork - he is MUCH more of a pasta perfectionist than i am.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

anyone? bueller?

does anyone else yell "you are NOT even a real DOCtor!" whenever "Dr." Phil comes on the TV? Anyone? No one? Just me?

Ok then.

Friday, December 08, 2006

i said BURR! (clap, clap)

of my 25 years on this earth, only three winters have been spent away from boston. thats 22 winters of bitter cold and snow, and icy walkways and biting winds that makes your bones cold. and yet, when this weather arrives, i am always, always caught off gaurd. i waltzed outside this morning in a leather jacket and the blue pashmina that becca got me from france. no gloves. no hat. i almost cried at the bus stop.

every year, i learn the hard way. i think i believe that the weather will conform to my outfit. if only...

on a brighter note, after months of wanting a shiny new black ipod, and talking about whether or not my wanting one would justify the expense, esp since i HAVE one, my ipod broke. i was very verbal about getting a replacement but didn't think anything would come of it, until josh came home with a shiny new black ipod last night! but it was a classic case of be careful what you wish for. now am going to the apple store tonight to see if they can fix my scratchy old white one. if not, then i will keep the shiny new black one. i feel guilty about getting something i don't really need when we are trying our best to save money . wanting it and knowing that i don't need it just made me feel guilty when i got it.

i talked to my mom about it and she figured that josh hasnt learned to say no yet. i want EVERYthing my little heart covets and tend to mention it to josh. lately it has been a new laptop (we have my sister's old one just sitting there, i just want a mac), a tennis bracelet (i don't even wear jewelry) aand a trip to london (right). i am WELL aware that none of that is going to happen, nor do i think it should or is practical or feasible in any way. it will just take time for him to learn how to tune out the crazy ones and hone in on the little things that will make my day.

that doesn't mean i won't be THRILLED if they can't fix scratched old white ipod. if i keep the shiny new black one, i am naming him Max, Jr.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

oh christmas tree!

christmas fever has hit josh. the idea of snow makes him giddy, he has broken out the cookie gun and all week the mere mention of a tree caused a grin to erupt on his face. and on this glorious, crisp, sunny winter morning, we donned our coats and bought one:

we went to russo's, which is also where i do all my produce/meats/cheese shopping. i saw celery root there and had to take a picture. the look like aliens....

Friday, December 01, 2006

rabbit rabbit

it was the warmest yesterday than it has been on nov 30th since 1881. 67 degrees. Today it will be 68. Tomorrow it will be 40. Monday it will snow.

yay global warming?