Thursday, August 30, 2007

stuff it

so you know how i was all about using other people's recipes for inspiration and not just copying their posts... right... so that lasted.

I saw smittenkitchen's stuffed zucchini and got all fired up. it was healthy, easy and something NEW. josh and i have been in a recipe rut lately and needed something else. the green minestrone soup I made last weekend was a hit, as was this. I will try another type of zucchini next time though - this one was a wee bit bitter. also, josh got the last two at russo's and one was much bgger than the other, so the presentation was off (but that is not really the zucchini's fault. or josh's really..)

and on the same note, our recently sharpened knives are all kind s of awesome. these tomatoes made me feel like a rock star:

Monday, August 27, 2007


check out "my gallery" - everything has been transfered!

fruit fly

So Saturday night, I went out with a handful of yelpers on a gay bar crawl (which we called ExtravaGAYnza
2007!). I must say, I haven't had such a good time in ages. I don't
know if it was all the pretty , well dressed boys, the put hair on your
chest drinks (I had drank QUITE a lot with Merry and Carrie the night
before, so ANY booze was too much) or just the fact that I really
clicked with the people I was with; we just had a old fashioned good

We went from insanely posh to the diviest dive bar ever. Check out my yelp reviews for details on the places we visited. A shout out to DS and JH for leading the way. This is definitely a repeat event.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

drunk drunk srunk

this typo from sophomore year has become infamous. we use it whenever one of us drunk. i was drunk with i put up the drunk drunk srunk away message and it stuck. now i am drunk like a beached whalw and it feels swimmy.

how many drinks did i have? let's count. 2 martinis at oak bar, then a few glasses of wine at sorellina's then some cider at delux, but thats it? i am lame. and drunk drunk srunk.

hey! i weigh 122 WITH the ring.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

you know, like oedipus...

i was trying to figure out an underlying theme for my vacation to belize. i settled on hubris. vanity. biting off more than you can chew. i think it works. and that i am brilliant.

let's start with the mayans. after landing around 1:30 and taking a VERY bumpy jeep ride up the maya mountains to the resort/lodge, we ate an early dinner and hit the sack. we had a full day tomorrow and the time difference (2 hours behind) was not working in our favor. after a hearty breakfast, we headed off to coracol, the biggest mayan site in belize. not to sound like a huge douchebag, but i have seen the taj mahal and the pyramids at giza but these huge structures built hundreds of years ago never cease to amaze me. what gets me is how? how did they do it? what was in their minds that compelled them to build them. what did these rulers tell their subjects that would make them toil in the fields half the year and then lay down tier farming tools only to pick up building tools? it was amazing. but then the land was spent and the mayans left the area. they think they went to tikkal (in guatemala) or to many of the other mayan cities of the time. who knows? all that hard work got consumed by the jungle. it was found accidentally by some loggers, and every little hill in that area has a structure underneath it, and they have only excavated a small percentage. about 270,000 people live in belize today. they think that 200,000 lived in this mayan city alone in 1000AD, maybe more. and that was just one city. there was much discussion about why the mayans would build and build and work such unforgiving soil in such a remote rainforest with no water source. it is hard not to wonder what was going through their mind when you are standing in the king's quarter's on the highest summit of the largest structure. did they think it was a birthright? did they think they had the people fooled? did they really think they were gods? then again, it is hard not too, with that view...

after coracol, we went down towards the river and took a dip in the pools that had formed around a shallow waterfall. i love belize.

day two meant barton creek caves in the morning. after we entered the caves via canoe, the guide (who as ALL kinds of awesome) told us not to tip the canoe, because we would loose the batteries and the lights. then he turned off the lights to show us what tipping the canoe and no lights and batteries actually meant. i put my hand up to my nose and still could not see it, it was so darkā€¦the caves were wonderful, though, the mayans used to hide from the spanish, bury the dead and make sacrifices in the caves. we saw a baby skeleton and a pot around which the rock had formed. there was no sound, no buzzing of the rainforest, no tapping of the rain. The air and the water was perfectly still. The rcent rain had made the water dark, but our guide said on a dry day, you could see to the bottom of the cave, the water was so clear. it was breathtaking and humbling to think that silently and surely, these caves have been forming over millions of years and they will go on forming for millions more. will future species find the cave and give tours, pointing out 10th century Mayan bones, and 21 century light batteries and cameras and canoes?

then off to the beach! the hotel was the best i had ever stayed in. everything was perfect. the rooms, the food, the location, the sun. we putzed around the pool monday afternoon, lathered with sun block, so i didn't tan at all. the next day, i sneakily did not put any on, hoping to turn the color of the all spice nuts we saw everywhere. by the time josh figured it out, the damage was done. my chest and the front of the shoulders still sting a bit in the shower. it looks like the equatorial sun shows no mercy, even if you "don't burn".

the only downside to the trip (besides the washed out, bumpy rainforest roads, were the bugs. the pool, and the bar on the beach, and the beautiful rooms and the wonderful food is here now, but the mosquitoes were here first. they enjoyed the sunsets and the warm breezes and the cool waters long before we set up shop and charged $11 a drink. even though i hated them and bathed in bug spray, i had to acknowledge that just because we were bigger and had credit card machines doesn't mean we weren't fair game for lunch.

highlights of the trip:
biking in the rainforest mud, massages on the beach, our awesome tour guides and drivers (out of the 2000 or so guides in beleze, one of ours had the registration card stamped "003". he was priceless), the 10-seater plane we took to get from the beach to belize city, the food, the rum, the weather and the company. he was the most perfect part of all

for all the pictures, go here and check them out:)

Thursday, August 09, 2007


trivia last night was a blast. it was odd meeting all these people in person. we knew each other from reviews, and the forums and whatever emails and compliments we had sent back and forth. but your online self and your in person self are two different things. you say/write things online in a joking manner that you probably wouldn't say face to face because of some weird sense of decorum. but online, anything goes. you flirt, you joke, you share about your past, and usually we aim to shock or be funny. we can mull over a sentence or take our time to be witty and insightful. but in person, we don't have google at our fingertips and what you see is what you get. i was a tad bit nervous.

i had met a handful of the trivia goers last night before, but only briefly. this time the pitchers were flowing and we were in it for the long haul. and i had a blast. i could be loud and obnoxious me, funny me, flirty me. if i had met these people in a class, or at work, perhaps we never would have hung out. i don't know. but last night team seatards at bay and team turd sandwich with a choice of side ruled the red hat. our energy and noise levels blew everyone away, even if we did come in fourth...

i will probably post more pictures later, since shannon and YH got some gems, but here are a few from last night:

care to share with the whole class?

we found tom's long lost twin at the bar (tom is in the lower right of the picture)

we had some great faces that night... such as...

J's self proclained "gay face". i think YH and i pull it off well, no? thanks to our head yelper for the last two shots:)

here are the first spoils of the garden! of course we are leaving just as the garden is ready to burst. my mom said she will stop by to water and pluck if need be:

and last but not least, some jfk park fountain pics i took on my friday off last week.

so off we go to belize! there will be stories and pictures upon our return. i am sure of it. bye!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

glutton for punishment

so the first part of the post is about the gluttony. i made empanadas (smittenkitchen's recipe, previously posted) when sara and jarrod came over last night for dinner. i love this dish but it takes SO long (easily 2 hours), so i don't like making it for just josh and me. it just seems like so much work and then we eat it and it is gone. i guess i need some outside praise after all the kneading and braising and filling and crimping.
i added some spicy this time, but def not enough. i'll have to pump that up even more next time. also added some cinnamon on a whim. it gave it a nice flavor. i do have half the dough sitting in the freezer. maybe i will try to make them again with a different type of filling. any suggestions?

and the yummy faces!

almost all gone! sara cut up some tomato and avocado as well. some corn, salt, pepper and lime later and we had us a mighty fine side dish.

the second part of the post is about punishment. lately i have found that whenever i am parting with my money, i am also being scolded. i wait to long to get my eyebrows threaded, i get a lecture about letting them get to long and thick. i wait to long to get the knots worked out of my shoulders and lower back, i get a lecture about how i am too young to have this kind of tightness. i don't get waxed enough, another lecture about how it is less painful the more often it is done. and i am paying these people! i actually had to switch bikini waxers because i waited too long once and was afraid the russian lady (who i LOVE) would yell at me. i am still scared to show my face there.

the doctor, i understand. i am not taking care of my health and i need a talking to. fine. the dentist, sure. but my hair stylist? come on! i mean, it is nice to know they care. but i feel guilty. and then i hand them my credit card. and a tip.